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How Hillary wrecked the State Department’s digital information system

Featured image Hillary Clinton’s disregard for cyber-security at the State Department, and hence for the national security, is manifest from her use of a private email server. But the wreckage Clinton left behind in State’s main digital information security office arguably demonstrates her disregard even more starkly, and probably posed an even greater threat to national security. Richard Pollock of the Daily Caller provides the details. He cites scathing audits issued by »

Is Jeb Bush finished?

Featured image No, but he could be within a month or two. The Washington Post reports: Jeb Bush is entering a critical phase of his Republican presidential campaign, with top donors warning that the former Florida governor needs to demonstrate growth in the polls over the next month or face serious defections among supporters. . . . The warnings from top donors come as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s exit from the race »

AP U.S. History framwork remains biased, as its treatment of immigration shows

Featured image The College Board’s 2014 framework for teaching AP U.S. History was a thoroughly leftist document. Under fire, the College Board issued a new framework in 2015. Unfortunately, as I argued here, the new version, though better, is not a great improvement. John Fonte and our friend Stanley Kurtz illustrate the problem through a detailed look at how the 2015 framework treats the history of immigration in this country. Few will »

Boehner’s shortcomings, not GOP dysfunction, were his downfall

Featured image John Boehner’s resignation has sparked another round of claims from the mainstream media that the Republican party is hopelessly divided and incapable of governing. These claims, one suspects, are presented more in delight than in sorrow. There’s no question that there deep divisions exist within the party about tactics and, to a much lesser degree, policy. But the MSM’s spin on Boehner ignores the possibility that his problems as Speaker »

Carson and the constitution — Andy McCarthy’s take

Featured image Andy McCarthy has weighed in on Ben Carson statement that Islam is inconsistent with the U.S. Constitution and that therefore he “would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation.” Like me, McCarthy disagrees with Charles Krauthammer’s view that Dr. Carson’s statement is inconsistent with the Constitution. Krauthammer’s position is based on the idea that the Constitution isn’t just a legal document, it is a “didactic »

Pelosi’s take on Boehner’s resignation: Gimme 5 (dollars)

Featured image John Boehner’s resignation has sparked plenty of commentary here in Washington, DC. Most of it consists of tut-tutting about Republican extremism. Nancy Pelosi’s commentary is more straightforward. In an email blast, she writes: The Republicans have failed. Speaker John Boehner is resigning. And now we’re headed toward another needless and self-destructive government shutdown. That’s why I need your help. We need grassroots supporters to show the Republicans they can’t play »

Fiorina supported a type of individual mandate; is this the beginning of her end

Featured image Now that Carly Fiorina has emerged as a top-six candidate (at worst) for the GOP nomination, she will receive serious scrutiny. The little scrutiny she has received to date focuses on her record as the CEO of Hewlett-Packard. That record is relevant to her candidacy. For me, however, her past positions on the major issues are more important. Has she been a consistent, hard-line conservative? The early returns aren’t good »

Carson and the constitution

Featured image Ben Carson is under attack from both liberals and conservatives for saying “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation; I absolutely would not agree with that.” Dr. Carson’s comment deserves to be criticized. It is too sweeping. Carson recognized as much. That’s why he later said that what he disagrees with is voting for candidates (of any religion) who want a theocracy. But »

Trump on Rubio: Worst voting record in the Senate; sweats too much [UPDATED and CORRECTED]

Featured image Donald Trump’s latest war of words is with Marco Rubio. Here is what Trump said about the Florida Senator on “Morning Joe”: I’m looking at guys like Marco Rubio who has the worst voting record in the United States Senate. Young guy, although he sweats more than any young person I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve never seen a person sweat, down water like he downs water. They bring »

Trump turns to the government for help — again

Featured image Donald Trump is the worst kind of bully — the kind who enlists other bullies to help him. The most obvious example is the way he tries to use government to deprive people of their property rights in order to carry on with his building projects. Robert Verbruggen recounted some of this history here in a 2011 article. Now, Trump wants the government to go after Rich Lowry. Last night »

Whatever happened to that deep Republican bench?

Featured image Fox News offers a new poll of the Republican presidential field (scroll past the Pope Francis stuff to get to the GOP race). The poll shows Donald Trump still in front with 26 percent support. He’s followed by Ben Carson at 18 percent. Then come Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio at 9 percent; Ted Cruz at 8; and Jeb Bush at 7. This poll is more favorable to Dr. Carson »

Baseball loses a legend

Featured image Steve has noted the passing of Yogi Berra and invited me to comment on him as a player. I rate Berra as the second best catcher of all-time, behind Johnny Bench. This advanced statistical analysis rates him number five, but not far below Gary Carter who comes in second. Carter was great, but give me Yogi every time. These days, Berra is best known for his sayings. Yet Thomas Boswell »

How Fox News and CNN screwed Scott Walker

Featured image Before we complete the post-mortems on Scott Walker’s campaign, I want to note how unfairly he was treated during the debates. According to Nate Silver, Walker spoke for only 13.7 minutes in the two debates. This was the the least for any candidate on the main stage in both events. It was less than half the time Donald Trump spoke. It was ten minutes less than Jeb Bush spoke. It »

Pope Francis: non-ideologue in Cuba, leftist in the U.S.

Featured image I’m with John when it comes to Pope Francis: I really don’t like him. After reading this editorial in the Washington Post, I like him even less. The Post’s editors point out that here in the United States, Pope Francis will meet not just with the president and other politicians, but also “with those marginalized by our society: homeless people, immigrants, refugees and even inmates of a jail.” They could »

14 year-old kid makes Obama his dupe

Featured image “Cool clock, Ahmed, want to bring it to the White House?” This was President Obama’s knee-jerk reaction to an incident in which 14 year-old Ahmed Mohamed brought a clock mechanism to school that he claimed to have put together at home, but found himself briefly in trouble with the law because the mechanism looked something like a timing device for a bomb. “We should inspire more kids like you to »

CAIR helps prove Ben Carson’s point

Featured image Ibrahim Hooper of the loathsome Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has called for Ben Carson to withdraw from the presidential race. He cites Dr. Carson’s comment that “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation; I absolutely would not agree with that.” I don’t subscribe to the sweeping proposition that a Muslim shouldn’t be president of the United States. But CAIR is Exhibit A »

Fiorina and Rubio surge, as Trump and Carson slide

Featured image Debates matter. That’s not a scoop. Yet many doubted whether Marco Rubio’s quality performance last week in California would help him, and the doubts weren’t unreasonable. After all, he had debated very well in Cleveland, yet received no significant bounce. This time, though, Rubio has been rewarded. A new CNN/ORC poll shows him at 11 percent, up from 3 percent less than two weeks ago. The poll is of Republicans »