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The most pathetic never-Trumper

Featured image Max Boot isn’t the most ridiculous never-Trumper. In my view, that distinction goes to Jennifer Rubin. However, for me Boot is the most pathetic member of the crew. Why? Because the positions he takes are so knee-jerk and poorly argued. Consider this effort by Boot in a column for the Washington Post: As for Kavanaugh’s confirmation: Conservatives are happy, because they are convinced that he will legislate their priorities (no »

For Trump, the buck stops elsewhere

Featured image Rod Rosenstein is under fire for suggesting — maybe seriously, maybe not — that President Trump be wiretapped. Regardless of whether the suggestion was made seriously, Trump should be outraged by it. And he is outraged. . .at Jeff Sessions. Fox News reports: President Trump appeared to blame Attorney General Jeff Sessions for the latest controversy surrounding Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Sunday, saying that Sessions had “hired” Rosenstein to »

Senate confirms Eric Dreiband and Jeff Clark

Featured image Today, the Senate voted to confirm my good friend Eric Dreiband as Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division. It also voted to confirm my new friend Jeff Clark as Assistant Attorney General for the Environment and Natural Resources Division. The Senate confirmed Clark by a vote of 52-45. Sens. Joe Manchin and Claire McCaskill crossed parties lines to vote for Jeff. The two Florida Senators, Rubio and Nelson, »

Poll: Three-Fourths of Americans oppose core planks of leniency for criminals legislation

Featured image Liberal Democrats and squishy Republicans are renewing their push for legislation that would reduce sentences for federal drug traffickers and release felons from prison early. Majority Leader McConnell reportedly says he will bring such legislation to the floor, after the midterm elections, if it has the support of 60 Senators. If so, leniency legislation could pass even if the vast majority of the GOP caucus opposes it. There’s a good »

“Mob rule” and false equivalence

Featured image Karen Tumulty, one of the Washington Post’s seemingly endless stable of biased Trump resisters, accuses Republicans who decry left-wing mob tactics of hypocrisy. She claims that Republicans used to love mob rule. Tumulty notes that during the debate over Obamacare, the Tea Party was quite vociferous at town hall meetings. But of course town hall meetings one of the places where, in a well-functioning democracy, grievances are aired vociferously. Where »

Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe: Both right about the other

Featured image According to the Washington Post, at a meeting with special counsel Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe feuded over the issue of recusal from the Russia investigation. McCabe argued that Rosenstein should step aside because of his involvement in the firing of James Comey — an issue that Mueller was almost certain to investigate (and reportedly has been investigating). Rosenstein argued that McCabe should bow out because of his »

This day in baseball history: A Game Seven for the ages

Featured image On October 10, 1968, Mickey Lolich took the mound for the Detroit Tigers in Game Seven of the World Series. He was hoping to succeed where Jim Lonborg had failed the year before by beating the incomparable Bob Gibson on just two days rest in a winner-take-all matchup. Lolich had an advantage over Lonborg. The Red Sox ace was a power pitcher. Lolich relied more on sink. Lack of rest »

Confirm ’em all

Featured image The editors of the Wall Street Journal urge Senate Republicans to keep Democrats in Washington, D.C. until every pending Trump administration nominee is confirmed. They have a point. Democrats have succeeded to a shocking (and unprecedented) degree in preventing the president from staffing his administration with the well-qualified personnel of his choice. Eric Dreiband and Jeff Clark are perhaps the two best examples of this pattern of obstruction but, at »

Was Rosenstein serious about wiretapping Trump?

Featured image Rod Rosenstein has acknowledged that he suggested using a wiretap to record President Trump’s communications. Rosenstein claims, however, that he wasn’t serious about this proposal. He says he made it sarcastically. But according to the Washington Post, James Baker, then the FBI’s top lawyer, has testified that Rosenstein’s suggestion was presented to him by FBI officials who heard it as a serious proposal. Baker wasn’t present when Rosenstein suggested wiretapping »

This day in baseball history

Featured image On October 9, 1968, the Detroit Tigers crushed the St. Louis Cardinals 13-1 in Game Six of the World Series. With that win, the Tigers evened the Series after falling behind three games to one. This was a Series of two outstanding and evenly matched teams. The Tigers won 103 games in the regular season and captured the pennant by 12 games. The Cardinals, defending world champions, were on a »


Featured image Last night, we returned from a two week trip to Greece. We visited Athens, Crete, and Thessaloniki. Athens and Crete are familiar American tourist destinations. Thessaloniki is not, and for good reason. It’s interesting, but not interesting enough to cause many American tourists to visit it. We went because it’s where my wife’s father was born. At that time, in the early years of the last century, Salonika (as the »

Eric Dreiband and Jeff Clark will finally get a floor vote

Featured image On Saturday, shortly after the Senate confirmed Brett Kavanaugh, Majority Leader McConnell filed for cloture on the nominations of Eric Dreiband and Jeff Clark. Both have been nominated for Assistant Attorney General positions — Eric to head the Civil Rights Division, Jeff to head the Environmental and Natural Resources Division. For Democrats, McConnell’s move surely added insult to injury. The Dems bitterly oppose Eric and Jeff because both are strong »

Off to Greece

Featured image I will be in Greece for the next two weeks, and will take a vacation from blogging. I hope that, by the time I return, Judge Kavanaugh will have weathered this outbreak of toxic femininity, and his confirmation will be a done deal. If it isn’t a done deal by then, I hope another top candidate will be vetted and ready for nomination. That way, the Senate should have enough »

Another Kananaugh accuser comes after Dem lawyer persuades her she’s a victim

Featured image Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer, writing in New Yorker, report that Senate Democrats are investigating a new allegation of sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh. Few who have been around the block will be surprised that another such claim has emerged just as the clock is about to strike midnight. If anything, the surprise is how weak this one seems to be. The claim comes from Deborah Ramirez who attended Yale »

The FBI in nominee ambush cases, then and now

Featured image One of the Democrats’ main talking points regarding Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations against Brett Kavanaugh is that the FBI should investigate before the Senate Judiciary Committee hears from Ford and Kavanaugh. In support of this talking point, Democrats and their friends in the media note that the FBI investigated Anita Hill’s sexual harassment allegations against Clarence Thomas prior to Hill and Thomas testifying before the Committee. Hill herself says the »

Report: Yet another “witness” fails to back Ford’s story

Featured image CNN reports that Senate Judiciary Committee staff has spoken with a high school friend of Christine Blasey who, supposedly, was at the party where Brett Kavanaugh supposedly assaulted Blasey. The woman is Leland Ingham Keyser. Reportedly, she is a lifelong friend of Blasey (now, Blasey Ford). According to CNN, Ms. Keyser’s lawyer stated: Simply put, Ms. Keyser does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being »

A deadly attack on an Iranian military parade

Featured image Recently, an acquaintance of my wife returned from a trip to Iran, her country of origin. In addition to noting the runaway inflation and stark increase in poverty, she was surprised by the heightened level of separatist sentiment in various regions. That sentiment took a violent turn in southwestern city of Ahvaz today. Separatists attacked an Iranian military parade, killing at 29 people and wounding 70 more. The attackers disguised »