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Report: Iran protests are the most serious in 40 years

Featured image The New York Times reports on the protests against Iran’s repressive regime. It calls them the most intense since 1979. The 1979 protests, of course, led to the overthrow of the Shah. The mullahs were the target of strong protests in 2009. But the Times supplies evidence that the current wave is even more intense. The 2009 protests are believed to have resulted in 72 deaths over a period of »

Jailbreak in Red States

Featured image Daniel Horowitz asks: “Who needs George Soros when you have Republicans. . .enacting his number one agenda item – de-incarceration?” Horowitz’s case in point is Oklahoma: The Koch-funded “conservative” organizations have convinced Oklahoma Republicans to embark on a one-sided mission of prison release rather than stemming the tide of growing crime. They have made them feel guilty about having the highest incarceration rate of any state. Yet rather than identifying »

Biden’s running mate

Featured image If Joe Biden gets the Democratic nomination, it’s a good bet he will select a woman as his running mate. Biden has mentioned four women he might pick. They are Sally Yates, Stacey Abrams, Jeanne Shaheen, and Maggie Hassan. Yates has spent her entire career as a lawyer, not much of a recommendation for the second highest office in the land. Her biggest claims to fame are helping to set »

Poll: Most Republicans consider Trump a better president than Lincoln

Featured image A new poll by YouGov asked who is the better president, Abraham Lincoln or Donald Trump. 53 percent of the Republicans polled selected Trump. At Hot Air, Allahpundit, a frequent critic of President Trump, argues that there’s “less to this poll than meets the eye,” and that the poll isn’t really strong evidence of a Trump cult of personality. I don’t buy the argument. A result this absurd reeks of »

It’s a grand old team. . .

Featured image On the train from Manchester to Liverpool (delayed half an hour until a driver could be found), I met a Bolton Wanderers fan who, like me, was on his way to see Everton play. He explained that an Everton season ticket holder friend had invited him to the match. Bolton Wanderers were a founding member of the Football League in 1888 (along with Everton). They have won the FA Cup »

Thoughts on the British election

Featured image Yesterday, John wrote about the upcoming election in Britain. Having just returned from England, I thought I might add the following observations: John is right that the polls favor the Tories. Indeed, the poll by YouGov he cites predicts a big victory for that party. And, as John notes, YouGov’s poll of the last election was just about spot on. The YouGov poll seems reasonably in line with other surveys. »

Warren’s woes

Featured image Before I left the country last week, the biggest news on the Democratic nomination contest front was Pete Buttigieg’s surge. This was big news mainly because of the threat Buttigieg suddenly posed to Elizabeth Warren in Iowa, not because Buttigieg has much chance of winning the nomination. But now, the big story for the Democrats is the decline in national support for Warren. A month ago, polls consistently showed Warren’s »

Off to England

Featured image I’ll be in the north of England for the next week attending soccer matches, among other things. The highlight will be a last visit to Goodison Park in Liverpool. Everton will be moving to a shiny new stadium soon. I probably won’t blog while I’m away. However, I know that John and Steve will be dying for soccer news, so maybe I’ll file a match report or two. »

Confirmed, no harm to Ukraine military from hold on aid

Featured image The Washington Post tries to find harm that resulted from the brief hold President Trump placed on aid to Ukraine. However, its reporters acknowledge that the withheld aid did not disrupt Ukrainian military activities. Undaunted, the Post insists that the delay sowed doubt in Ukraine about America’s commitment to that country. If so, this must not have been a first. President Obama refused to provide lethal military assistance to Ukraine, »

Protests spread in Iran, at least 100 are dead

Featured image We have discussed the anti-Iran flavor of protests in Lebanon and Iraq. In fact, the ones in Iraq are strongly anti-Iran. Now, Iran itself is the site of large scale protests. The proximate cause is high fuel prices. The cause of the high prices is, at least in part, U.S. sanctions against Iran. Protests are said to have broken out in at least 100 cities and towns. Amnesty International says »

Dems mull Mueller impeachment count

Featured image House Democrats reportedly are considering whether to pursue in their impeachment inquiry matters arising from the Mueller investigation. Specifically, they are looking at whether President Trump lied to Robert Mueller. The Washington Post’s report on this development is based on representations made by House Democrats to the federal appeals court in Washington, D.C. The Dems told the court that they need secret grand jury evidence from the Mueller probe to »

Buttigieg used stock photos of blacks on his website. So what?

Featured image Yesterday, I discussed Pete Buttigieg’s impressive surge in Iowa, but noted that will face a big, if not insuperable, barrier when the primaries come to states with a large number of African-American voters. The first of those states is South Carolina where, according to a new Quinnipiac poll, Buttigieg’s support among black voters is zero percent. Buttigieg’s rivals have attacked Buttigieg over police practices in South Bend and his response, »

History’s sting in the tail

Featured image Abe Greenwald has written a thoughtful essay for Commentary called “The failure at the end of history.” The “end of history” refers to Francis Fukuyama’s optimistic notion from 30 years ago that, with the fall of the Berlin Wall, we had reached “the end point of mankind’s ideological evolution and the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human government.” Greenwald summarizes his thesis as follows: In »

Secrtary Pompeo: West Bank settlements do not violate the law

Featured image Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared today that the U.S. does not regard Israeli settlements on the West Bank as illegal. He thus reversed the position taken by former Secretary of State John Kerry in the dying days of the Obama administration. Pompeo explained that, after carefully studying the issue, he concluded that President Reagan got it right when he found that the settlements are not illegal. Reagan had reversed »

Polls: Buttigieg is ahead in Iowa

Featured image Two of the three most recent polls of Iowa Democrats flagged by Real Clear Politics show Pete Buttigieg in the lead. The most recent one, by the Des Moines Register/CNN, has him well ahead. In that survey, he leads second-place Elizabeth Warren by 25-16. In a Monmouth poll, Buttigieg edges out Joe Biden, 22-19, with Warren in third place at 18 percent. The other survey is by CBS News/YouGov. It »

Trump reverses decision on vaping ban

Featured image President Trump has decided not to move forward with a ban on most flavored e-cigarettes. The mainstream media is certain that Trump made this decision for a bad reason, but it can’t make up its collective mind what that reason was. Some organs say Trump balked at the ban because his supporters like to vape. Some say he balked because the ban would have cost people jobs. Some attribute Trump’s »

The urine test

Featured image A foreign correspondent I used to know liked to say that a good test for national decline is the smell of urine. In declining countries, one frequently smells it. Americans in certain jurisdictions can expect to smell more urine soon. Left-wing prosecutors, some financed by George Soros, will be decriminalizing urination in public. This is one of a several “quality of life” crimes the left wants to stop prosecuting. Some »