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The Trouble With the Truth

Featured image There are several problems with the movie Truth. The first is that, notwithstanding its title, it is a pack of lies. The second is that a large segment of the public knows that Truth is a lie, and has no desire to see it for that reason. The third is that apparently–I haven’t seen the film, and won’t–Truth is a crashing bore. So it’s no surprise that Truth is a »

Hate Crime at Harvard Law School? [Updated]

Featured image These are tough days for my alma maters. Dartmouth has been roiled by the administration’s feeble response to a Black Lives Matter protest that disrupted the library and involved, among other things, the screaming of racial epithets at white students. Meanwhile, Harvard Law School has been the scene of a supposed hate crime. The back story is that the money that founded the law school came from a man named »

Non-Muslim Terrorists Seize Hotel In Mali, Take Hostages [Updated]

Featured image Terrorists having nothing to do with Islam, armed with AK-47s and hand grenades, screamed “Allahu akbar!” as they attacked the Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako, Mali. The non-Muslim terrorists have killed at least three people and are holding approximately 170 hostages. In an ecumenical gesture, the terrorists allowed hostages to leave if they were able to recite from the Quran. American and French special forces are now reported to be »

Hillary Doubles Down On Clueless

Featured image Hillary Clinton delivered a speech today to the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. She discussed terrorism extensively, taking time (like her boss) to ridicule Republicans for referring to radical Islam: Reading her speech at a brisk clip from a teleprompter at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City, she slowed momentarily to mock three words – “radical Islamic terrorism” – that Republicans often accuse President Barack »

More “Legitimate” Terror?

Featured image In Israel today, five people were murdered and more wounded in two separate terrorist attacks. In southern Tel Aviv, an Arab terrorist murdered two Jews at prayer and wounded a third. In Gush Etzion region, just south of Jerusalem, terrorists shot three people fatally and wounded seven more. Several of the victims, including one of the dead, are reported to be Americans. This is, of course, the same Islamic terrorism »

The House Refugee Bill Is a Fraud

Featured image Polls indicate that most Americans oppose importing thousands of Syrian refugees in particular, and more immigrants in general. So naturally, in his first important act as House Speaker, Paul Ryan is reported to be rushing to the floor, as early as tomorrow, a bill that will insure that President Obama gets his way on the issue. The legislation the House will vote on is called the American SAFE Act. It »

My Letter to Dartmouth’s President

Featured image Scott reproduced here the form email that Dartmouth’s president, Philip Hanlon, sent to all alumni who expressed concern about Black Lives Matter protesters harassing and intimidating students in Dartmouth’s library with profanities and racial epithets. Today, I wrote President Hanlon to express my dissatisfaction with his position on the protest. I will post any reply that I get, but I am not holding my breath: President Hanlon: I have read »

Obama: Federal Law is Un-American!

Featured image On Monday, President Obama denounced Republicans, including Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush, who suggested that the U.S. should admit Christian refugees fleeing persecution in Syria, but not Muslims from the same country. Obama called such a “religious test” “shameful” and “not American.” Today he doubled down, asserting that Republicans who object to resettling tens or hundreds of thousands of Islamic refugees from Syria in the U.S. are helping ISIS. President »

The Latest from “Vibrant and Ethnically Diverse” St. Denis

Featured image French authorities announced that overnight, they conducted 118 raids and arrested at least 18. The most dramatic raid took place in St. Denis, where police and military attacked an apartment where the leader of the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, was believed to be hiding. At least two people died, including a woman who blew herself up with a suicide vest, but at this moment it is not clear whether Abaaoud »

John Kerry on Legitimate Terrorism [Updated With Video]

Featured image This morning, addressing the staff and families of the U.S. Embassy in Paris, John Kerry made the following unscripted comments: But nevertheless, we are deeply appreciative for your commitment to helping us to help people to share the values and the interests that we are all working to protect. In the last days, obviously, that has been particularly put to the test. There’s something different about what happened from Charlie »

Ferguson Comes to Minneapolis [Updated]

Featured image At 12:45 last Sunday morning, Minneapolis police were called to the scene of an assault that occurred less than two blocks from the nearest precinct station. A 24-year-old man named Jamar Clark had beaten his girlfriend. When police arrived, Clark had returned to the scene and, according to police accounts, was interfering with the paramedics who were trying to treat his girlfriend. A scuffle with one or more of the »

Dartmouth’s Disgrace (Cont’d)

Featured image As another Dartmouth alum, I want to add a few comments to Scott’s post earlier this morning. This video shows some of what happened when Black Lives Matter protesters invaded Baker Library, screaming profanities and insults at students who were trying to study: But it doesn’t show everything. I have it on good authority that at least one woman was slapped and spat on in addition to being insulted by »

Refugee Debate May Blow Immigration Issue Sky-High

Featured image The Obama administration wants to admit 100,000 Syrian refugees by 2017. News that one of the Paris terrorists was a Syrian refugee who entered Europe through Greece has led at least 23 governors, mostly Republicans, to move to keep Syrian refugees out of their states. GOP presidential candidates have also weighed in, opposing Obama’s plan. The president got on his high horse today, denouncing as “shameful” and “not American” the »

How Obama Has Tied Our Hands In the Fight Against ISIS

Featured image Byron York, with help from senior military officers with intimate knowledge of our bombing campaign against ISIS, explains how President Obama has made it impossible to wage war successfully: [T]he Pentagon announced Monday that American warplanes had struck a group of Islamic State trucks involved in the oil-smuggling business that brings the terrorist organization hundreds of millions of dollars a year. The strike, near Abu Kamal, in Syria, destroyed 116 »

Could Aggressive Interrogation Have Prevented the Paris Attacks?

Featured image On November 5, nine days before the terrorist attacks on Paris, a 51-year old Montenegrin was stopped on an autobahn by German police. The officers found a revolver in the man’s glove compartment and continued searching the car. They discovered that the vehicle had been professionally modified to create secret compartments for weapons. The cache reportedly included eight AK-47s, two pistols, two hand grenades, fuses, detonators and a half pound »

Radical Islam? What’s That?

Featured image Last night’s Democratic presidential debate was conducted in the shadow of the ISIS attacks on Paris, but the contenders still don’t want to acknowledge that radical Islam is our enemy. In the clip below, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders dodge and twist to avoid acknowledging that reality. Why? I’m not sure. The language they use is code for something, but I’m not certain what. There can hardly be enough radical »

Sanders: We Don’t Need No Stinking Foreign Policy!

Featured image Via Drudge, there was a “bizarre,” “heated” telephone exchange this morning between representatives of CBS, which is hosting tonight’s Democratic presidential debate, and one of Bernie Sanders’ top aides. CBS had representatives of all three campaigns–Clinton, Sanders and O’Malley–on the phone, discussing CBS’s plan to change the format of the debate to take into account yesterday’s terrorist attacks in Paris: The dispute centered on CBS’s decision to increase the emphasis »