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Media Alert

Featured image I will soon be on Australian television, talking about the Republican national convention, on Andrew Bolt’s Bolt Report. I am not sure exactly when the show will air in Australia, but we are filming at around 7:15 tonight, central time. Watch for it Down Under, and in the meantime, please check out Andrew’s blog at the Herald Sun. »

A Big Night For Republicans

Featured image Day two of the Republican convention was a success. The first speaker I saw was Tiffany Trump. I read somewhere that Tiffany was the weak link in the family, I guess because she is Marla Maples’ daughter. In fact, she was great–a 22-year-old (or so) graduate of Penn, she was cool as a cucumber, and her speech was terrific. My wife, whose emotional intelligence is superior to mine, pointed out »

Is the Purpose of a Newspaper to Promote Delusion?

Featured image A lot of ink has been spilled on the subject of race, crime and policing over the last few months, but rarely to so little purpose as in this article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, headlined “Racial disparities in Twin Cities arrests are widespread.” The Strib reporter suggests that the fact that blacks are arrested in greater than pro rata numbers is evidence of discrimination: Data released by the city »

Plagiarism? Please.

Featured image Within minutes after Melania Trump’s outstanding speech at the GOP convention last night, Democrats and anti-Trump commentators were accusing her of plagiarizing portions of a paragraph, i.e. a few phrases and sentence fragments, from Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech. Here is the comparison, a brief portion of Michelle Obama’s speech with the words that Melania Trump duplicated in bold, via the Weekly Standard: And Barack and I were raised with »

Melania Goes Yard [Updated]

Featured image I watched the opening night of the Republican convention, starting out on Fox News. But I couldn’t stand how the network ignored what was happening onstage, instead giving us endless boring arguments between its own personalities, so I switched to CNN, which was at least slightly better. I made a number of notes through the early part of the evening, but most of them now seem forgettable. Marcus Luttrell and »

Another Day, Another Allahu Akbar

Featured image In southern Germany, a 17-year-old Afghan refugee pulled out a hatchet and a knife on a train and attacked his fellow passengers, wounding 19, three grievously. A teenage Afghan refugee shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ before hacking at passengers during an axe and knife rampage on a train in Germany. … As many as 19 passengers needed hospital treatment while three victims are fighting for their lives after being attacked with ‘cutting »

Baton Rouge Murderer Identified

Featured image Authorities have identified the man who murdered three police officers in Baton Rouge this morning as Gavin Eugene Long, age 29, a former Marine sergeant from Missouri. The Daily Caller claims to have identified a YouTube channel operated by Long. If that identification is correct, Long was a former member of the Nation of Islam who was obsessed with race (he hated “crackers”) and with police shootings, including the death »

A Little Late: Obama Comes Out Against Divisive Talk On Race

Featured image Barack Obama has spent seven years stirring up racial division for the sake of political gain. From his earliest days as president, when he derided Cambridge police as “stupid,” Obama has endorsed and propagated the great lie that American law enforcement is systematically racist. That strategy has worked very well for Obama and for the Democratic Party, but now, with events spinning out of control and the Democrats on the »

Multiple Police Officers Killed In Baton Rouge [with comment by Paul][Updated][More]

Featured image At least three police officers are reportedly dead and four three more said to be in critical condition after being shot by a gunman armed with a semiautomatic rifle in Baton Rouge. Reportedly, police received a call about a “suspicious person walking down Airline Highway with an assault rifle.” When they responded, the perpetrator opened fire. It isn’t clear at this point whether the gunman was an anti-police liberal, a »

Bouhlel Had Help?

Featured image French police have arrested seven people in connection with Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel’s terrorist attack in Nice, six of whom are reportedly still in custody. It has emerged that Bouhlel sent a series of texts to accomplices, or at a minimum to people who knew what he intended to do. The texts said things like “Bring more weapons. Bringing in 5,” and “It’s good. I have the equipment,” according to French »

A Quadrennial Republican Smear [Updated]

Featured image I have noticed this for a long time: every four years, when a Republican national convention is in prospect, national news outlets will do stories on strip clubs and prostitutes who are eagerly awaiting the Republicans’ patronage. Of course, the much-hoped-for scandal never happens, and when the convention is over there have been a few stories about disgruntled prostitutes and strippers complaining that Republicans are no good for business. But »

Hillary’s First Priority If She Wins? To Shut Up Her Critics

Featured image Hillary Clinton is giving a speech today in which she describes one of her top priorities as president: Hillary Clinton will pledge on Saturday to introduce an amendment to the Constitution to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision within the first 30 days of her administration, an aide said Saturday. A reader writes: Global terrorism, coup in Turkey, unrest in USA, cops killed in cold blood by sniper in »

Why We Must Elect Donald Trump

Featured image Some people think that Hillary Clinton, for all her corruption, is at least smarter than Barack Obama. Others observe her ruthlessness toward political opponents and infer that, unlike Obama, she will be a tough defender of American interests. No: for goodness’ sake, the woman has a four-year history as Secretary of State! If there is one thing we know for certain about Hillary, it is that as president she would »

Tweet of the Year

Featured image Maybe the decade, I don’t know. From the eternally clueless MSNBC, it has to be seen to be believed: Tune in to @MSNBC for continued live coverage of the deadly truck crash in Nice, France: — MSNBC (@MSNBC) July 15, 2016 Not as deadly as the plane crash on 9/11, however. »

For Trump, a Gray Flannel Running Mate Is Not a Bad Choice

Featured image I have long thought Mike Pence one of the more boring people in public life, which is one reason why he is a good choice for Donald Trump’s running mate. Of course, a V-P selection has little to do with the ultimate fate of the ticket: at most, it’s like the vermouth in a martini. It just gives the ticket a slightly different flavor. That said, I like that Trump »

Media Alert

Featured image I will be filling in for Joe Soucheray tomorrow, guest hosting his Garage Logic radio show on KSTP, AM 1500, in the Twin Cities and all over Minnesota. The show is on from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Central time; you can listen at the link. Garage Logic, a daily tribute to common sense, is one of the great local radio shows. I will be taking Joe’s place tomorrow, but the »

Terrorist Attack In Nice

Featured image At least 77 people were killed tonight in Nice, France, and many more injured when a large truck drove into a crowd of pedestrians along the Promenade des Anglais, reportedly sending bodies flying for a considerable distance (reportedly more than a mile, is that possible?). The driver finally jumped out of the truck, fired into the crowd and exchanged fire with police officers. He was killed by police at the »