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Yesterday’s Intelligence Committee Hearing Was a Bust

Featured image Countless news stories have been written about yesterday’s House Intelligence Committee hearing featuring FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Mike Rogers, many of them breathless. If you scanned the headlines, you would think that the hearing produced some significant revelations. After laboriously reading the entire transcript while on vacation, my conclusion is that the hearing generated nothing of interest. The Washington Post’s account is typical. The headline is: “FBI »

My Daughter Made the Drudge Report

Featured image As everyone knows, things are very bad on college campuses these days. So bad that my youngest daughter has made the Drudge Report. The link is Conservative students say “violently threatened.” It is an outrageous situation that is being handled with remarkable grace by conservative students. »

My Conservative Vision For All Americans

Featured image Liberals in Minnesota are alarmed about their loss of support in the rural and small-town parts of the state. The same phenomenon that is occurring across the country–everyone is abandoning the Democratic Party except urban dwellers–is going on here. Two Sundays ago, the Minneapolis Star Tribune ran an op-ed by two liberals about how “city mice” and “country mice” can get along better. The key, they suggested, was for all »

With Merkel’s Visit, Trump Wins Again

Featured image I am a couple of days behind on this–it comes from being on vacation–but it is still worth noting that Angela Merkel’s visit to Washington was a win for President Trump. The press focused on irrelevancies, as one would expect–they didn’t shake hands during the photo-op! But the real news is Merkel’s acknowledgement that Trump’s campaign theme, that our European partners need to pay more for their own defense, is »

Golovkin-Jacobs Recap

Featured image Last night’s big fight between GGG, Gennady Golovkin, and Danny Jacobs ended in the most unexpected way possible–with a decision. It was the first time in something like eight or nine years that either fighter had gone the distance. It was an excellent fight–I will stop just short of calling it a great fight–that could have gone either way. Golovkin won a unanimous decision, with two judges scoring it 115-112 »

On Podhoretz and Mailer, the Times Corrects

Featured image Scott wrote here about Norman Podhoretz’s autobiographical work Making It. Scorned at the time by critics, is is becoming recognized 50 years later as a classic. The New York Times has a big cover article this weekend on Podhoretz and Making It, but the piece had to be corrected by the time it appeared in print. This really is a classic of the Times correction genre: A cover article this »

How Good Is Presidential Security?

Featured image For many years following the Kennedy assassination, it was an article of faith that the Secret Service provided unparalleled security for U.S. presidents. That perception might have changed if President Reagan had bled to death after he was shot by John Hinckley. Then, too, a left-wing nut got a shot off at President Ford (or nearly did) but was stopped by a bystander in the crowd. So maybe we have »


Featured image Tomorrow night at Madison Square Garden, the most anticipated fight in years (by me, anyway) will take place: Gennady Golovkin vs. Danny Jacobs for the world middleweight title. I asked my son Eric, who manages boxers in his spare time, to preview the bout. He in turn consulted his friend Caleb Truax, the best Minnesota fighter of the current generation. I’ll start with their thoughts: Tomorrow night, Gennady “GGG” Golovkin »

Ryan Zinke: Another Great Trump Appointment

Featured image The day’s news is mostly pretty grim, so here is a feel-good story from Independent Journal Review. An IJR reporter spent Tuesday with newly-appointed Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke. Washington was mostly shut down on Tuesday after a minor snowfall, but that didn’t stop Secretary Zinke. Among other things, he helped shovel the steps of the Lincoln Memorial: Zinke, a former Navy Seal, didn’t find a few inches of »

Liberal Attacks Conservative Talk Show Host

Featured image In Marin County, a Brownshirt strikes: Michael Savage, the popular right-wing radio personality and fierce Donald Trump supporter, says he was assaulted by a man as he was leaving a Marin County restaurant Tuesday night. *** [Attorney Daniel] Horowitz suggested it’s unlikely his client was the aggressor, given that he’s 5 feet 6 inches tall and 75 years old. Horowitz said Savage, who lives in Marin County, had finished up »

More on the Left’s Judicial Coup

Featured image Two federal judges, one in Hawaii and one in Maryland, have enjoined execution of President Trump’s travel order. These court orders are obviously illegal and unconstitutional. Under the Constitution and federal law, the president has the power to suspend immigration from any and all countries if he deems it in the best interest of the United States. The idea that Trump’s travel order “discriminates” against foreign Muslims is ridiculous. The »

Rachel Maddow’s Hype-Fail

Featured image Rachel Maddow promised her audience a major story when she unveiled a portion of Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return on television. But it wasn’t what her fans were expecting. Deemed a “nothingburger” by a fellow liberal journalist, the tax return showed that, contrary to the insinuations of the never-reliable New York Times, Trump has paid enormous amounts of federal income taxes. Heh. Thanks, Rachel. Michael Ramirez likens Maddow’s experience to »

A Liberal Coup Is In Progress

Featured image Derrick Watson, a Democratic Party activist who was appointed to the federal bench in Hawaii by President Obama in 2012, has issued a purported injunction barring implementation of President Trump’s travel order. I have not yet read Watson’s opinion, and will comment on it in detail when I have done so. But I have read Trump’s order, and the idea that it somehow can be blocked by a federal judge »

New York Times and Democratic Party Respond Weirdly to Trump’s Tax Bill

Featured image As Paul noted last night, MSNBC’s lefty host Rachel Maddow came up with a scoop: she obtained a portion of Donald Trump’s 2005 federal income tax return. On her show, she relentlessly hyped the coming revelation, which presumably helped her ratings. Unfortunately, the revelation helped only Trump: he paid $38 million in federal income taxes on an income of $153 million. Everything about this is good for Trump. He is »

A Pro-Environment Judge Is a Bad Judge

Featured image Today’s Associated Press article on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch illustrates the fact that when it comes to judicial matters, most reporters have no idea what they are talking about. The headline is: “Gorsuch’s environment record: Neither a clear friend nor foe.” I should hope not! The role of a judge is not to be a “friend” or “foe” of the environment. It is to apply the facts of the »

Student Loan Defaults Skyrocket

Featured image The Washington Post reports on what many have recognized for some time as a ticking time bomb: A new analysis of federal student loans reveals the number of people severely behind on repaying their debt has soared in the last year, painting a bleak picture of one of the largest government programs. The Consumer Federation of America released a study Tuesday that found that millions of people had not made »

The Press Is Hurting Trump

Featured image Or, some would say, Trump is hurting himself. Either way, there are troubling indications that President Trump is losing his battle with the Democratic Party press. See, specifically, Rasmussen Reports’ polling. I don’t know whether Rasmussen is any more “right” than other pollsters, but it follows a consistent protocol and publishes a three-day rolling average of likely voters, which I think makes it a valuable barometer of trends. And the »