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John Kasich’s speech (updated)

Featured image After a hesitant start, John Kasich came on strong to deliver a solid, forceful speech. He was at his most effective in touting his accomplishments as Ohio governor. These may seem beside the immediate point in the national race. But Kasich’s actions that helped put Ohio back on track are key to the battle for Ohio’s electoral votes. Potentially, they help Obama because Ohio’s unemployment rate is well below the »

Mia Love’s speech

Featured image Mia Love just delivered a brief but extremely powerful address to the convention. I wish she had been given more time and a somewhat better slot. Mia Love is a “Power Line Pick Six” candidate, so we already knew plenty about her. Yet she is even more dynamic at the podium than I had thought. Think of this Black Republican and her inspiring speech about self-reliance the next time Chris »

Ann Romney’s speech

Featured image Ann Romney is one of the most impressive “wife of a candidate” I can recall. I first noticed her during a C-SPAN broadcast in late 2007 in which a number of such wives, including Michelle Obama, discussed their lives and their roles. Ann Romney stood out along with, to be fair, the late Elizabeth Edwards. Ms. Romney was equally impressive the only time I saw her in person. That was »

Obama’s foreign policy failures catalogued

Featured image With the help of the mainstream media, President Obama has been able to pass himself off as a successful president when it comes to foreign policy. Republicans don’t buy this line, of course, but neither do they push back much. Given Obama’s record on the economy, they don’t need to. For the record, though, here is a good, albeit partial, list of Obama’s major foreign policy failures, as set forth »

The ideological chasm behind the personal narratives of Obama and Romney

Featured image Rich Lowry argues that “of all the tasks for the Romney campaign at this week’s Republican convention, burnishing the personal image of the candidate should be the easiest.” According to Lowry, Romney “is a man utterly committed to his family and his faith, whose life is studded with acts of devotion and generosity.” In offering this assessment, Lowry relies, as he should, on the book The Real Romney, written by »

Bow to nobody, Mr. President

Featured image Ben Shapiro at Breitbart reports that the super PAC Special Operations for America, led by former Navy SEALs, is set to release a video called “Bow to Nobody.” The ad depicts Navy SEALs in combat situations and states that they fight so that America will not have to bow to anybody. But then, the ad shows President Obama bowing before the Saudi king. Ryan Zinke, the former Navy SEAL who »

The Republican Convention — let’s get on with it

Featured image Now that Tropical Storm Issac has churned its way past Tampa, it’s time for the Republicans to proceed with their convention. The event should commence on Tuesday with strong intention of proceeding through Thursday. Republican officials reportedly are concerned about how it would look to hold a convention while a hurricane dishes out damage in states like Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. The concern is understandable, if only because the mainstream »

Julia grew up, got married, and became a Republican

Featured image A new Washington Post/ABC survey shows that Mitt Romney has a huge lead over President Obama among married women. The Hill has the details: Married women are strongly backing Mitt Romney, 55%-40%, over Barack Obama. Compare that with 2008 exit polls when Obama won married women with children, 51%-47%, while McCain won married women with no kids 53%-44%. Romney’s 15% margin soundly beats both numbers. That 15% is identical to »

Good Senate race news from “The Big Ten”

Featured image Last week, when a poll by a Democratic outfit showed Republican Pete Hoekstra narrowly leading incumbent Debbie Stabenow in the Michigan Senate race, I cautioned that we should wait for more polling before expressing any optimism about this race. Now comes a poll from Mitchell Research that gives Hoekstra a similarly narrow lead. The Mitchell poll has Hoekstra nominally ahead, 45-44. The earlier poll, by FMW, had Hoekstra ahead 48-46. »

The Crist effect, if any

Featured image Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist will speak at the Democratic Convention on a day yet to be determined. Crist, formerly a Republican, has already endorsed President Obama. A convention address by a prominent politician with ties to the other party can be effective. Zell Miller brought down the house, and likely swayed some undecided voters, with his scathing attack on the Democrats in 2004. Joe Lieberman, the anti-Zell Miller in »

“2016: Obama’s America” — a box office success

Featured image Yesterday, John reviewed “2016,” the new movie in which Dinesh D’Souza argues that Barack Obama has assumed the anti-colonialist, anti-Western, anti-American, anti-free enterprise perspective of his left-wing, African father. Joe Malchow supplemented John’s post and noted that the film is doing well at the box office this weekend. Joe is correct. According to this report, “2016: Obama’s America,” having expanded from limited to nationwide release this weekend, took in $6.2 »

A suitable mission for Joe Biden

Featured image So Vice President Biden won’t be going to Tampa after all. Team Obama planned to dispatch him there to make sure the Dems and their talking points receive exposure during the Republican Convention. But the Obama campaign has cancelled the trip due to Tropical Storm Issac. Traditionally, presidential campaigns have stepped aside while the opposing party holds its national convention. This courtesy allows each party four days in which to »

Team Obama struggles with charges that their man is gutting “workfare”

Featured image You can tell that the pro-Romney ads criticizing President Obama’s liberal new approach to “workfare” are scoring points. For one thing, they continue to run, even though the MSM has proclaimed them false or misleading. For another, Team Obama, through surrogate Gov. Martin O’Malley, is claiming that this line of attack is “racially coded.” That has long been the standard response when a Republican punch lands. Steven Law, president of »

New York Times “bleeds” progressivism, says its public editor

Featured image Arthur Brisbane is stepping down from his job as public editor of the New York Times. In his final column, Brisbane addresses the issue of political and cultural bias at the Times (the emphasis is mine): I. . .noted two years ago that I had taken up the public editor duties believing “there is no conspiracy” and that The Times’s output was too vast and complex to be dictated by »

How much convention bounce will Romney receive?

Featured image Both presidential candidates must be feeling reasonably happy as we head into the conventions. President Obama should be satisfied that, from all that appears, he leads Mitt Romney by a point or two in polls of likely voters, despite the economy’s weak recovery and the mostly bad economic news of the past few months. Romney should be satisfied that he stands only slightly behind Obama, including in key states like »

Is Mitt Romney the new James Polk?

Featured image According to a reporter at the Huffington Post, as reported by Politico, Mitt Romney’s campaign manager says that a Romney presidency might resemble the tenure of James K. Polk. What does Team Romney find appealing about our 11th President? Polk, who served from 1845 to 1849, presided over the expansion of the U.S. into a coast-to-coast nation, annexing Texas and winning the Mexican-American war for territories that also included New »

A Tea Party election day

Featured image My post yesterday bemoaning the apparent superiority of Team Obama’s ground game failed to mention at least one important consideration — groups like the Tea Party that will supplement the Romney ground game. One reader tells me: I signed up, since I live in the red hills of Texas, to make calls in Virginia with the Election Day Tea Party. I got this information from Instapundit. They are also going »