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The real problem of having the Americans as your ally

Featured image I’m reading Notes On A Century: Reflections Of A Middle East Historian, the memoir of the great historian Bernard Lewis. We feature this book on the Power Line bookshelf below. Notes On A Century works at many levels. It combines page after page of insights about the Middle East with a glimpse into the life of a pathbreaking historian. Lewis continuously displays a delicious feel for anecdote and irony. In »

Wise words about Israel from Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Featured image I hope our readers have watched the most recent video of Scott interviewing Ayaan Hirsi Ali. In this installment, Ms. Hirsi Ali offers her observations about Israel. Her first observation pertains to Israel’s vibrant, flouishing economy, which has continuously transformed the country since she began visiting 15 years ago. My wife, who attended college in Israel in the early 1970s and who visits every few years, says the same thing. »

This day in baseball history

Featured image On June 24, 1962, the New York Yankees defeated the Detroit Tigers 9-7 in 22 innings. The game lasted exactly 7 hours, making it the longest ever played in terms of elapsed time as of that date. The Yankees and the Tigers had battled for the 1961 pennant, with the rest of the American League far behind. But heading in late June of 1962, as the Yankees headed to Detroit »

Avoiding the full Jimmy Carter in Egypt

Featured image As Scott has noted, Mohammed Morsi is the winner in Egypt’s presidential run-off election. Morsi is the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood. He captured 51.7 percent of the vote. His opponent, Hosni Mubarak’s former Prime Minister, gained 48.3 percent. So the Egyptians toppled Mubarak and then nearly elected one of his cronies president. That’s not much of a mandate for Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. But mandates don’t matter; power »

Egyptian liberals wary of Muslim Brotherhood

Featured image Tomorrow, the results of the Egyptian presidential run-off election supposedly will be announced. The voting ended a week ago, and the elections commission pledged to declare the winner three days ago. However, it later said it needs more time to review hundreds of complaints lodged by the campaigns. In the meantime, the Muslim Brotherhood has led protests against the military, which has made known its reluctance to transfer power to »

Was Fast and Furious intended to promote gun control?

Featured image As John notes here, Bill Whittle is arguing that the Fast and Furious program was an effort by the Obama administration to increase bloodshed in Mexico and thereby lead to tougher gun control regulation in the U.S. This theory has been around for a while, and may receive a wider hearing now that Obama has asserted a weak privilege claim to prevent the disclosure of some Fast and Furious documents. »

The Bain Capital Wars Move Offshore, Part Two

Featured image James Pethokoukis has cast doubt on claims by the Washington Post that, while at Bain Capital, Romney was involved with companies that were sending jobs overseas. As I discussed here, the Post relied on six Bain-related companies: Computer Software Inc. (CSI), Stream Internationl, Modus Media, GT Bicycle, SMTC Corp., and Chippac. Let’s look at each of them. CSI — The Post says that CSI provided companies like Microsoft with a »

The Bain Capital wars move offshore (Updated)

Featured image The lead story in today’s Washington Post is a report about how companies which with Bain Capital was involved during Mitt Romney’s time there “sent jobs overseas.” Having failed to gain much mileage out of a “Romney the job-cutter” theme, the White House and its allies in the MSM hope that a “Romney the outsourcer” theme will resonate. The Romney camp reportedly has criticized the Post’s story because it “does »

Romney lags in Hollywood sweepstakes

Featured image “Lags” is actually an understatement. While President Obama mines a Hollywood full of celebrities tripping over each other to assist in his reelection, Mitt Romney received contributions from four actors/actresses in May, according to Politico. The four are Nick Searcy, William Shockley, Nina Onuora and Richard Huisman. I haven’t heard of any of the four, but then I confess to being out-of-it with respect to this sort of thing. (Unlike »

The short-term and the long-term in post-Mubarak Egypt

Featured image During Power Line’s ten years, we’ve spoken with and/or interviewed heads of state and former heads of state, top ranking U.S. officials, leading jurists, and Republican candidates for president of the United States, including one who may well be elected president this Fall. But I don’t know that we have ever had a conversation with anyone as heroic and inspirational as Ayaan Hirsi Ali, whose interview with Scott you can »

Major lawsuit challenges the constitutionality of Dodd-Frank (updated)

Featured image With the Supreme Court poised to rule on the constitutionality of Obamacare, a suit filed today challenges the constitutionality of the other signature legislation of President Obama’s first term: Dodd-Frank. Brought in the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., the case is styled State National Bank of Big Springs and others v. Timothy Geithner and others. The other defendants include the Treasury Department, the Consumer Protection Bureau, the Board of »

The politics of fast and furious, Part Two

Featured image Unlike Politico, the Washington Post offers a realistic, non-partisan take on President Obama’s assertion of executive privilege. Under a headline stating that Obama has “create[d] a tricky situation,” David Nakamura recognizes that this dispute could hurt Obama. He writes: “The potential protracted legal dispute has the potential to embarrass and distract the White House during the heart of the reelection campaign.” This election is, above all else, about the economy. »

Euro 2012 reaches the knock-out stage

Featured image The third round of Group Stage matches at Euro 2012 featured cagier play and less scoring than we witnessed during the first two rounds. That’s understandable. Most teams had a good idea of the outcome they needed to advance to the quarterfinals. This knowledge often led to cautious soccer. Nonetheless, players continued largely to resist the urge to cheat by flopping, NBA-style, on contact, for example. And even with more »

The politics of Fast and Furious

Featured image Here’s how Politico writers Jake Sherman and Reid Epstein reported the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s vote to hold Eric Holder in contempt: “The Fast and Furious investigation has finally handed House Republicans a prize they’ve long sought: a legal smackdown of the Obama administration.” Can anyone imagine this lead sentence if the House had found the Attorney General in a Republican administration, Alberto Gonzalez for example, in contempt? »

Ranting pro-Obama North Carolina teacher to retain her job

Featured image The North Carolina high school teacher who berated a student after that student, through a question, criticized President Obama will keep her job. The teacher, Tanya Dixon-Neely, was suspended without pay, but she will return to school next year. As a condition of her return, she reportedly will be required to start what was described as a “monitored growth plan.” Most readers will recall that Dixon-Neely went ballistic on a »

Those Fast and Furious documents must be dynamite

Featured image My friend Bill Otis was a Justice Department lawyer for many years. He spent a good portion of those years as a prosecutor. He also served as an attorney in the White House Counsel’s shop, so he knows all about dealing with unpleasant congressional inventigations and demands for documents. In short, Bill is extremely very well positioned to comment knowledgably on the dispute between Rep. Issa’s Committee and Eric Holder, »

White House asserts executive privilege claim to further DOJ’s Fast and Furious cover-up

Featured image With the House of Representatives poised to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt, President Obama has granted Holder’s request to assert executive privilege in refusing to turn over documents to Congress related to the Fast and Furious scandal. This won’t insulate Holder from being held in contempt. Rather, the White House presumably hopes the assertion will improve Holder’s position if/when his dispute with the House reaches the judicial system. »