Annals of Government Medicine

Annals of Government Medicine

Featured image From Britain’s National Health Service comes the latest example of what happens when you run health care like the post office: “Bullying, cowardly doctors left my baby to die like an abandoned animal, says grieving mother.” A mother has described how her baby was left to die “like an abandoned animal” after hospital doctors repeatedly ignored her desperate pleas for help. Paula Stevenson begged doctors to act as her one-year-old »

Annals of Government Medicine

Featured image With President Obama’s re-election, it is generally assumed that Obamacare is here to stay. Which means that pretty soon, your health care will be run incompetently, like the postal service, and with an agenda, like the EPA and the Department of Energy. Where does that lead? Britain’s National Health Service has shown the way. The NHS operates like a smoothly-oiled machine, except that every now and then–well, much of the »

Annals of Government Medicine

Featured image Recent investigations have revealed hospitals administered by Britain’s National Health Service to be veritable houses of horrors. Here is the latest shock headline: Patients starve and die of thirst on hospital wards. Hospital conditions under socialized medicine appear to be trending toward the medieval: Forty-three hospital patients starved to death last year and 111 died of thirst while being treated on wards, new figures disclose today. The death toll was »

Bailing Out Obamacare: Sarah Palin Was Right

Featured image I missed this piece from Steven Rattner (who was a key figure in the Obama auto bailout) when it appeared in the NY Times a couple weeks ago.  Tacitly acknowledging that costs are going to soar out of sight, Rattner opens with this frank admission: “We need death panels.”  Jonah Goldberg wonders: When can Sarah Palin expect her letter of apology?” Rattner goes on to back away from “death panels,” »

Annals of government medicine

Featured image The Daily Mail delivers the news of another inspirational example of government medicine in England, much of it packed into the headline: “Elderly patients are being ‘deprived of food and drink so they die quicker and free up bed space’, claim doctors.” The practice in issue goes under the delicate name of a “care pathway.” Like the stairway in the Led Zeppelin song, it’s a pathway to heaven. The Daily »

Annals of Government Medicine

Featured image A key rule in Great Britain’s socialist health care system is: don’t get sick on the weekend! Hundreds of people die or suffer serious disability unnecessarily every year because they suffer a stroke at a weekend when NHS care is poorer, a major study has found…. A team from Imperial College London and the National Audit Office has found 350 people die within seven days of their stroke unnecessarily because »

A Defeat—But It’s Not Over, Or, Roberts’ Rules of Disorder

Featured image Finally back in Ashland, Ohio, after my turn this morning at Bill Bennett’s radio mic, which is always fun.  Dinner tonight with Mike Huckabee.  Wonder what will be on his mind? I wont’s sugarcoat this: today’s Supreme Court decision was a significant defeat for the cause of constitutionally limited government, made all the more galling by the fact that Justice Kennedy—the usual wobbler—was on board for striking down the whole »

Tea Leaves and Second Thoughts

Featured image With the Supreme Court set to rule on Obamacare as soon as tomorrow, everyone is reading the tea leaves and making predictions.  Orin Kerr, writing at the Volokh Conspiracy, took note of the jaunty bearing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg in a recent speech before a liberal group, wondering if it meant she was pleased with the outcome of the case.  Meanwhile, a poll of former Supreme Court clerks found »

Death Panels After All?

Featured image There’s an explosive story out today in the Daily Mail over in the UK claiming that Britain’s National Health Service euthanizes 130,000 elderly patients a year.  This claim doesn’t issue from some loopy former governor of an arctic province; it comes from professor Patrick Pullicino, a consultant neurologist for East Kent Hospitals and Professor of Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Kent.  He made this claim in a speech to »

Pelosi Explains Her 16 Words, Digs Hole Deeper

Featured image The British politician Denis Healey is generally credited with “the First Law of Holes,” which goes: If you’re in one, stop digging. Nancy Pelosi has apparently never heard of Healey’s First Law of Holes. Courtesy of Jonathan Capehart at the Washington Post, Pelosi is trying to explain her infamous 16 words from 2010 about the Obamacare bill: “But we have to pass the [health care] bill so that you can »

Annals of government medicine

Featured image The Daily Mail delivers the news of another inspirational example of government medicine in England, much of it packed into the headline: “Doris, 95, was left on a hospital trolley for 28 hours – and when her son asked where she was, doctors didn’t have a clue…” The Daily Mail reporter raises the question whether Doris Miller’s case represents an aberration, a preview of coming attractions or an example of »

Annals of Government Medicine

Featured image Obamacare is a Trojan horse, intended, as Barack Obama has said, to lead to the extinction of private health insurance and its replacement by socialized (“single payer”) medicine. So it is pertinent to observe how socialized medicine has worked out in countries where it has been in place for some decades, like the United Kingdom. One key feature of socialized medicine, wherever it exists, is the establishment of death panels. »

Annals of Government Medicine

Featured image The Supreme Court is hearing arguments on Obamacare today, which makes the timing ideal to consider this news story from the cradle of socialized medicine, the United Kingdom. The article is titled “Elderly dying due to ‘despicable age discrimination in NHS.’” Thousands of elderly people are dying unnecessarily early because “despicable” age discrimination in the NHS is denying them treatment for cancer, a charity has warned. A lack of treatment »

Annals of Government Medicine

Featured image Nature dictates that young people incur little in the way of medical expense, on the average, while old people incur a great deal. Thus every government scheme that strives to supplant the obvious, fair alternative–everyone pays for his own medical care, with the aid of whatever insurance he may have purchased–attempts to do two things: 1) force young people to contribute far beyond their own medical costs, and 2) limit »

Remy to the Rescue

Featured image Just in the nick of time, our pal Remi Munasifi and his pals at ReasonTV offer up a Remy-style take on the Fluke business.  Less than two minutes long. »

How About A State of Liberalism Address?

Featured image When Bill Clinton used his 1996 State of the Union address to kick off his ultimately successful re-election campaign, he uttered one of the few SOTU lines that people still remember: “The era of big government is over.”  It did not matter narrowly that this was another Clinton lie; he went on in that speech to outline something like 97 small ways government could get bigger, from school uniforms to »

This, That, and the Other Thing

Featured image So this is a catch-up post, updating and extending some previous stories here, and with a few new short items worthy of note. When I wrote my Commentary magazine cover story in October on how liberals were abusing the legacy of Ronald Reagan (especially the gross distortion that “Reagan raised taxes” as a predicate for Obama’s design to raise income taxes today), a friend remarked to me that I’d be »