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Obama bends law for Egypt but not for our troops

Featured image The Defense Department took pains yesterday to explain to the House Armed Services Committee why it could not, under the law, provide benefits to the families of troops who die during the government shutdown. Congress had passed a law — the Pay Our Military Act — that it thought would ensure the provision of death benefits during a shutdown. But Robert Hale, the Defense Department’s Comptroller, earnestly contended that a »

Obama gets folksy, keeps straight face

Featured image Barack Obama, who likes to talk about “folks,” was at his folksy best during his press conference yesterday. Several times, he used analogies to household living in an attempt to illustrate the folly of the Republican push for negotiations to end the partial government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling. He led of his remarks with this: Think about it this way, the American people do not get to demand »

Shutdown theater: George Will explains

Featured image In seeking to understand the Shutdown Theater orchestrated by President Obama and his minions, let us not overlook malice toward the country. George Will cites it in the compelling lesson on the shutdown that he offers in the first 90 seconds of the video below. »

Jack Lew declines to answer

Featured image Jack Lew is Secretary of the Treasury in the Obama administration. Occupying the office once held by Alexander Hamilton, he lies only when his lips are moving. Chris Wallace induced rapid lip movement by Lew on Fox News Sunday this morning when he asked Lew how many of the millions of viewers of the federal Obamacare site signed up for Obamacare this week after the commencement of the open enrollment »

On To the Debt Ceiling?

Featured image One way or another, the debt ceiling will soon be front and center. Perhaps raising the debt limit will be part of a “grand bargain”–for reasons I stated yesterday, I hope not–or a package deal with a continuing resolution to fund the federal government for the next few months. Regardless, it is important to understand that much of the reporting on the debt ceiling is wrong. It is not true »

Obama to Veterans: Get Out Of My Park!

Featured image President Obama’s barricading of the World War II memorial on the Mall, to keep out veterans who had long planned visits to the memorial, was one of the dumbest PR moves of all time. This was seen on Lucianne earlier today: The image was accompanied by this comment: WW II VETS: Normandy was also closed when we got there!!! The conventional wisdom is that Republicans are better at policy, and »

Democrats Pay Union Members to Protest World War II Vets

Featured image It appears that the Obama administration is violating the First Rule of Holes. Yesterday the administration looked awful when it “closed” and barricaded the World War II memorial on the Mall. The memorial is, by its nature, open. There is nothing to close. And the administration knows that every day, tour groups consisting of WWII vets, now mostly in their late 80s or early 90s, come to Washington to visit »

Barack Obama’s Misplaced Priorities [Updated]

Featured image I noted earlier tonight that today’s votes in the House on partial funding of government operations were political theater. But that doesn’t put them on the same degraded plane as the Obama administration’s barricading of national monuments to keep veterans from visiting them. Glenn Reynolds has the links. A group of veterans from Mississippi knocked down barriers around the World War II memorial that the administration erected to dramatize that »

Why Obama is unlikely to compromise

Featured image President Obama has thus far refused to entertain the idea of a compromise with House Republicans that would avoid a government shutdown. From all that appears, he won’t even negotiate. The primary reason for his refusal is political. He believes that the public will place primary blame on Republicans, thereby giving his presidency and his Party some needed much needed momentum. Frankly, I think Obama is probably right about this. »

Journalism or espionage?

Featured image Back in the dark days of the Bush administration I wrote about the New York Times’s damaging violations of the Espionage Act on Power Line and in the Weekly Standard column “Exposure.” I was appalled by the Times’s revelation of secret eavesdropping and monitoring techniques adopted by the administration to detect and undermine al Qaeda. I wasn’t alone in my concerns. Writing from the front lines of the battle against »

Jeff Sessions Blasts Obamanomics

Featured image Regular readers of this site know that I am a big fan of Senator Jeff Sessions. Sessions has been the most effective opponent of the Senate Gang’s immigration bill; his opposition is based primarily on the damage that a massive influx of new, low-skill immigrants would do to America’s working men and women. Sessions has now embarked on a series of speeches on the economy, and how it has been »

The Age of Obama, By the Numbers

Featured image The Census Bureau reported today that a record 46.5 million Americans are currently living in poverty, more than at any time in our history. That is fewer people, however, than the 23,116,928 households now receiving food stamps, more than the entire Northeastern United States (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania). Let’s add one more: during President Obama’s first term, median income of »

Winter for Summers; Yellen Springtime!

Featured image So Larry Summers has withdrawn his candidacy to be the next chair of the Federal Reserve, presumably paving the way for Janet Yellen to be nominated.  We surveyed this controversy last month, noting how liberalism’s obsession with gender and identity politics, and not economic views, was driving the matter.  Beyond this being a victory for the identity-politics mindset at the center of liberalism today (not-so-idle question: will a Democratic president »

Krugman: Obamanomics “an Astonishing, Horrifying Failure”

Featured image Better late than never, I suppose: Paul Krugman now says that the five years of the Obama administration have been “years of tragic waste,” and that the nation’s economic policies during that time have been “an astonishing, horrifying failure.” One wonders: what took Krugman so long to figure that out? Of course, Krugman thinks the problem with Obama’s policies is that the stimulus was too small, the United States isn’t »

Heh: White House Oppresses Women

Featured image You know that favorite bogus statistic of feminists that women are only paid 77 cents for every dollar a man is paid (bogus because once you correct for variables like age, occupation, and tenure in the workforce, the disparity disappears)?  Well never mind.  Turns out Obama’s White House is a major offender.  From Mark Perry’s Carpe Diem blog: Mark adds: I hereby call upon President Obama to promote gender equality »

Why did Obama go to Congress? [UPDATED]

Featured image Theories abound as to why President Obama put to Congress the question of military intervention in Syria. One theory is that Obama decided he didn’t really to want to intervene militarily and hopes Congress will bail him out. Another is that he wants to be able to shift blame to Congress if intervention doesn’t turn out well. A third theory is that Obama wanted to buy time in order, perhaps, »

You go to war with the president you have

Featured image At Ricochet, Arthur Herman, a historian for whom I have great respect, argues that we shouldn’t want President Obama to attack Syria because we shouldn’t want this particular president “to make any decisions where American interests are at stake — and where Americans, and possibly many others, may die.” This is true, Herman contends, even if there is a strong case for intervening in Syria. I agree with Herman’s critique »