One of our readers, Joshua

One of our readers, Joshua Sharf, reports from Colorado that (1) the weather is gorgeous all over the state, (2) in Denver there were early voting booths set up in a number of supermarkets the past few days (no word, Sharf says, on whether the Dems were offering double coupons), (3) the Allard campaign never called Sharf back when he called to volunteer for get out the vote work, nor did Governor Owens seem to be doing any get out the vote work, and (4) Hugh Hewitt did special morning “remotes” to Colorado yesterday and today. Sharf also believes, based on conversations with a member of an old-line Louisiana Democrat family, that Landrieu could be vulnerable in a run-off. Bush is extremely popular in Louisiana and while Landrieu is not unpopular, Daschle is.


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