Don’t miss John Podhoretz’s column

Don’t miss John Podhoretz’s column in the New York Post this morning: “For their next pathetic ploy…” Rocket Man will especially appreciate Podhoretz’s fine tribute to the soon-to-be senate minority leader: “Americans know that what they have seen since 9/11 has been a stunning elevation of American political discourse and a return to seriousness in American politics. But Daschle [has] refused to climb out of the sandbox and become a fully functioning political adult during a time requiring the utmost seriousness from America’s politicians.”
In his own way, Thomas Sowell also pays the soon-to be senate minority leader tribute in his excellent column this morning: “Who is promoting violence?” (Courtesy of our friends at RealClearPolitics.) Sowell adds much resonant historical context, most of it recent. But this really hits home: “Stripped of control of every branch of the federal government, the Democrats have nothing left to offer anyone before the next election, except accusations and scare tactics. Back in 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt said: ‘The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.’ Today, Democrats like Tom Daschle have nothing to offer but fear itself.”


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