Prescription for a domestic quagmire

While the Democrats and the liberal media are still trying to portray Iraq as a quagmire, the real quagmire is being concocted right here in Washington, D.C. in the form of the presciption drug bill that is making its way through Congress. Bruce Bartlett, for National Review Online predicts that the Republican (and Ted Kennedy) backed plan will likely cost trillions of dollars; cause drug prices to rise to the point that drugs are no more affordable to seniors than they are today; lead, therefore, to price controls; and thereby reduce the profitablity of producing new drugs so that the supply of new drugs will decline. Unfortunately, explains Bartlett, “Republicans in Congress seem to have convinced themselves that they have to have a drug subsidy bill to keep control. And the Bush administration has irresponsibly signaled that it will sign any bill, no matter how bad.”


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