BDS strikes Mondale conclave

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports on the special Bush-bashing conclave convened by Walter Mondale yesterday at Macalester College in St. Paul: “At St. Paul forum, Mondale flays Bush foreign policy.” Mondale brought in foreign policy luminaries from the halcyon days of the Carter and Clinton administrations to comment on the foreign policy of the Bush administration. I believe that Dr. Krauthammer would diagnose an epidemic outbreak of Bush derangement syndrome.
Because the Star Tribune removes articles from its site 14 days after publication, I’m pasting the article in below for future reference:
“Three big names from former Democratic administrations flayed President Bush’s foreign policy generally and his invasion of Iraq specifically Friday morning in St. Paul. Former Vice President Walter Mondale, former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski and former Defense Secretary William Perry said Bush has adopted a radical and wrong-headed doctrine that alienates allies, weakens international institutions and leaves America more vulnerable to the very threats from which Bush is trying to protect it.
“Perry said Bush’s failure to take proper measures against nuclear proliferation in North Korea and elsewhere make it more likely that Al-Qaida or a similar organization will succeed in detonating a nuclear weapon in a U.S. city within 10 years. Mondale accused Bush of abandoning the bipartisan foreign policy that guided the United States safely through the Cold War. Brzezinski said Bush’s words and actions have isolated America as never before.
“The lecture-discussion event at Macalester College was part of the series called ’50 Years, the Mondale lectures on public service,’ which Mondale has been hosting the past three years. While the previous editions have been retrospectives, this one was right out of the current headlines.
“Mondale said he deviated from the series’ original plan because he is so troubled by Bush’s foreign policy and wanted to create an opportunity to hear the views of two of the national security thinkers he respects most. The three men worked together in the Jimmy Carter administration, Mondale as vice president, Brzezinski as national security adviser and Perry as undersecretary of defense. Perry was defense secretary under President Bill Clinton. Brzezinski and Perry both said they were advising some of the Democratic presidential candidates this year.
“Past Mondale forums have included diverse viewpoints, but no Republicans or Bush defenders were heard from Friday. Bush and members of his administration argue that their Iraq policy is working, that the United States has many allies helping it, that it respects international institutions and that it is doing everything possible to protect Americans from terrorists. Minnesota Public Radio will broadcast excerpts of the forum Monday at noon and 9 p.m. [Ed. note: Perfect!]”
Folks, we request your assistance in formulating an appropriate response to the Democratic bigfeet of yore.
HINDROCKET adds: This seems more sinister to me than the usual partisan nonsense. It is ridiculous, of course, to blame President Bush for the development of nuclear weapons by North Korea, which occurred–like so much else for which we are now paying the price–during the feckless Clinton years. But what the Democrats are now doing is laying the groundwork to blame President Bush, the only president who has taken any effective action against terrorism, when the next major attack comes. It is hard to imagine a more cynical, less patriotic approach to a problem of unprecedented danger and difficulty.


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