Of Course, Not Everyone Is Happy

There was a demonstration against the capture of Saddam Hussein in Gaza today; a Palestinian protester is shown below with a picture of Saddam.
That the Palestinians are once again on history’s losing side and have gone out of their way to damage their own case is no surprise. What the picture depicts, though, is interesting: Saddam kissing the Koran. Liberals have told us over and over that Saddam couldn’t possibly team up with al Qaeda or similar groups because they are religious fanatics and he is (or was until the past few years, anyway) a secularist. But someone apparently forgot to tell the Palestinians, who revere Saddam in part because he shipped tens of millions of dollars into the West Bank and Gaza to support the murder of Israelis. So now he’s kissing the Koran. If Saddam was Islamic enough for the Palestinians, why has the left always been so sure that he wasn’t Islamic enough for al Qaeda?


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