More news not fit to print

Inundated by the big stories of the week, we failed to note an event that should not pass without remark. James Glassman caught it and justifiably added an exclamation point: “Skeptical environmentalist vindicated!”
UPDATE: Reader John Van Laer wrote the New York Times Public Editor as follows: “This story [from the Financial Times] reveals how the Danish Ministry of Science has cleared Bjorn Lomborg of charges of scientific dishonesty that have been the basis of a concerted smear campaign against Lomborg and his book, ‘The Skeptical Environmentalist.’ I checked Science in the Times today and find no mention of this striking and well merited vindication. Instead, your paper is still running yesterday’s puff piece by Claudia Dreifus about one of the world’s most prominent panicmongers in the area of global warming. No shame to have been scooped by a rival. All the same, inasmuch as the Times has in the past given wide publicity to severe critics of Mr. Lomborg, isn’t it a bit much to spike the story of his vindication?”
He received the following response: “I spoke with our science reporter Andy Revkin and editor Laura Chang. I include Andy’s reply: ‘The danish ministry has simply issued a critique of the critique by the Danish scientific dishonesty panel. this has not overturned (yet at any rate) the earlier panel’s report. It is the view of a government ministry that is closely wedded to industry, not an official withdrawal of the earlier finding. I am planning to keep track of the Lomborg saga when there is a concrete turn in the road that rises to level of Times interest.'”


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