Israel’s national debate

Caroline Glick has a terrific column in Sunday’s Jerusalem Post on Israel’s national debate, addressing issues that Deacon has discussed at length here. The column also reports developments I have seen reported nowhere else. This is an important column, all of which is worthy of your attention.
I have previously expressed some consternation over the insipidity of the Israeli national debate (or the lack thereof) on Israel’s vital security issues, and Glick characterizes the frustrating nature of the debate well. However, her discussion also has ramifications that apply to us as well: “Noticing the fact that Palestinian leaders find common cause with parties presently warring against America would force the administration to admit what it has so far refused to countenance: that the PLO and its Palestinian terror affiliates are openly hostile to the US and share Osama bin Laden’s views of America. No doubt this American refusal to contend with Palestinian hostility is a great failure of US national security policy. But the blame cannot be placed solely at Washington’s doorstep. The Israeli government has played a critical role in this policy failure. Not only is our government unable to convince the US of the danger that Palestinian terrorist groups pose to America’s national security, it is also unwilling to make the case to Israelis that the existence of these forces, harbored and led by the PLO’s Palestinian Authority, constitutes an unacceptable national security threat to Israel.”


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