Mazel tov, part 5

Today’s Jerusalem Post editorializes in favor of Ambassador Zvi Mazel’s efforts to pull the plug on the grotesque “Snow White and the Truth” exhibit: “Zvi Mazel, iconoclast.”
Reader Alan Macomber has scoured the foreign press on our behalf and forwarded the following dispatch:

I’ve been following your comments about the exhibit in Stockholm that was blatantly anti-semitic. Dagens Nyheter (Stockholm paper) has in its Monday edition a story about the director of the “Making Differences” exhibit Thomas Nordanstad getting attacked (click here for the link, but the article is in Swedish). The article mentions that he was almost pushed down a high flight of stairs, but managed to grab on to the bannister in time. The article states the if he had fallen, he could have broken his neck.
Here’s some direct translation (I lived in Stockholm for 5 years) from the rest of the article (Andreas


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