A mind that changes

Faithful Power Line readers know that we are huge fans of Allen Drury and of Advise and Consent. Some time back we wrote about our admiration for the book (click here and here) and elicited a message from Drury’s nephew, Professor Kenneth Killiany of Catholic University (click here).
Professor Killiany is working on a biography of Drury as well as commenting on events for his blog A Mind that Suits. This morning he has posted a couple of items, one on Myrna Blyth and one on events in Falluja, both of which are worthy of consideration.
In a message to us this morning Professor Killiany also refers to a piece to be published next week on National Review Online:

The last time I wrote to you it was to disagree with you about the effect of the Kay Report, saying I thought Bush could survive it. In fact, I now think that the way the Administration has ducked that issue has left the field open to what I call the “Bush Lied” Lie, and has left the Administration hopping around on one leg in its re-election campaign.
I have a piece in to National Review on that very point, on which I now think you all were right. But today’s post concerns what appears to be our capitulation in Falujah. The piece is self-explanatory, and my uncle comes in at the end, even as he will in my blog on Monday.

We had several posts related to the Kay report, all of which can be retrieved by typing “Kay report” into our search engine. I think I disagreed with the particular Power Line post that Professor Killliany now agrees with, but I look forward to reading his NRO piece next week.
UPDATE: Professor Killiany (he’s an adjuct, but I think it’s too late to start calling him “Mr.”) advises that he has only submitted his piece to NR/NRO, and that it has not yet been accepted. He adds that the Monday piece in which Drury comes in at the end will be posted on his blog. I have corrected the text of his message accordingly.


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