Call Me Irresponsible, Call Me Crazy

Political commentator Madonna tells the BBC that “President George Bush and ex-Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein are alike because ‘they are both behaving in an irresponsible manner’.”
Yes, yes, I can see that. “Irresponsible” is just how I would have described Saddam Hussein. He keeps forgetting to do his homework, I guess. Actually, come to think of it, “irresponsible” is a word that has often been applied to a certain aging former pop music star. Whatever her faults, though, I would hardly equate her to a mass murderer.
Madonna didn’t stop there:

She pulled the anti-war video for her American Life single last year because there was a “lynch-mob” patriotism in the US at the time, she told ABC News.
“I have children to protect and I just didn’t think it was the right time.”

Yes, rampaging mobs of Republicans are a constant threat to liberals’ children. We’ve all been hearing about those lynchings.
It goes to show, I think, how great wealth can give one a topsy-turvy view of reality.
But Madonna isn’t the only one disconnected from reality. The Political Director of John Kerry’s campaign in Minnesota has sent an email to Minnesota Democrats, describing upcoming Kerry events in the state. These include a demonstration against a speech by Laura Bush, passing out water to marathoners in Duluth, and a “Cabaret for Kerry” to take place on Sunday. The “cabaret” sounds awful; it is sponsored by Mary’s Grassroots Political Therapy Group and features “stories, humor and political satire.” But here is what we really want to point out–tickets for this event are listed in the following price categories:

Ticket Prices:
ANGRY: $100+
LIVID: $200+
FURIOUS: $400+
MAD AS HELL: $500+

Democrats seem to think it is a good idea to present themselves to the public as the party that has gone nuts. If all Americans lived in Hollywood, or abroad, like Madonna, they’d probably be right. But I seriously doubt that a party that defines itself by hate and anger can command the support of a majority of Americans.


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