Time Comes Calling, Part II

The media frenzy surrounding Memogate reached a peak shortly after 5:00 today when I returned to my office after a meeting and found an email from a receptionist: “Scott called at 5:08 about the photograph for the Time magazine cover.” The cover part turned out to be a misunderstanding on the receptionist’s part, but we are currently pseudo-blogging for a Time photographer for a story in next week’s magazine. I can only hope that Time does a better job of picking a photo than the Star Trib did during the Republican National Convention.
We Powerliners often blog simultaneously, but not actually together. So it’s a little odd to be sitting side by side doing fake posts. We’ll try to get copies of the photos from the photographer, so if Time doesn’t pick a good one, we’ll at least have a nice shot to share with our readers.


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