Diamonds and rant

Ronald Bailey reports on Joan Baez giving it up for peace and love in Charlottesville on Wednesday night: “Joan Baez and me.”
Is there anybody out there who recalls Al Capp’s depiction of Joan Baez (“Joanie Phony”) in the Li’l Abner comic strip? Capp had her number forty years ago. What a shame he’s not around to read Bailey’s account. Above is one of Capp’s self-portraits; I can’t find an image of Joanie Phony on the Web.
UPDATE: As always, our readers come through. They remind me that Joanie’s name was spelled Joanie Phonie, and forward sample panels featuring Joanie in Italian (below).
Salon has an otherwise valuable overview of Capp’s career that dismisses his ’60s work on political grounds: “Dogpatch confidential.”