Media alert

Fox News anchor/correspondent Eric Shawn was vaguely aware that Yasser Arafat is reputedly responsible for the 1973 assassination of two American diplomats. In anticipation of Arafat’s death, Shawn performed a Google search on Arafat and found my column “Who killed Cleo Noel?” I based the column on previously classified State Department cables dating from 1973 that the State Department declassified and released to me last year in respone to my Freedom of Information Act request.
Shawn tracked me down and invited me to appear on Fox News tomorrow (November 7) morning at 11:40 a.m. (Eastern) to discuss Arafat’s responsibility for the murder of Cleo Noel and Curtis Moore, as well as the State Department’s subsequent cover-up of the evidence. The segment will be competing with the popular panel discussion on the Fox network’s Fox News Sunday show with Chris Wallace, so I don’t think we’ll have too many viewers over at Fox News. Please tune in tomorrow if you have any interest in the subject.


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