The limits of my immoderation

Yesterday, I posted Dafydd ab Hugh’s piece, “Often Immoderate, Never Unclear.” Reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. However two emailers were offended by Dafydd’s treatment of William F. Buckley.
I posted Dafydd’s defense of Bush’s speech because I agree with it and because it was clearer and more forceful than anything I’d managed to write. However, because Buckley is Buckley, I should have taken the time to state the limits of my agreement with Dafydd’s rhetoric.
I do not think Buckley (or Noonan, for that matter) is a dinosaur. He remains a wise and very important voice with whom I disagree on a few matters including Bush’s speech. The phrase “give aid and comfort to the enemy” is not part of my political vocabulary until we reach the Michael Moore left. Even at that point, I’d probably look for a different way to put it. However, I agree with Dafydd that we will be less effective in fighting our enemies in the war on terrorism to the extent that we eschew “the new revivalism of that old time ideology of liberty.”


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