As Long As We’re Passing Along Rumors…

–see the bin Laden story below–a reader points out this item: “Al Zarqawi Sighted Near Syrian Border”:

Jordanian terror mastermind Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has been seen handing out money to evacuee families in the small town of al-Karabla, near al-Qaim on the Syrian border, according to a message posted to various Islamist websites, signed by ‘Muhib al-Faruq’.

Of course, this seems like something they would only say if it wasn’t true. The article also includes this synopsis of recent activity in the area:

American troops located al-Zarqawi’s hiding-place in the area, General John Abizaid, local US forces commander said on Monday. Al-Qaeda’s leader in Saudi Arabia, Abdullah al-Rushud, was killed in the US attacks on the area, the terror network said in a statement signed by al-Zarqawi, dated 23 June.
The US military alleges that rebel hideouts and the insurgency’s main bases are located in this area. For some time, al-Qaim has been believed to be the principal route through which Islamic militants are entering Iraq from across the Syrian border.


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