The Bin Ladenpoof Song

Russell Seitz is the prominent polymath and frequent contributor to TechCentralStation. Yesterday he sent us “The Bin Ladenpoof Song,” to be sung to the tune of “The Whiffenpoof Song.” Professor Seitz adds that he offers it “with apologies Tom Lehrer, Bing Crosby & Omar Khayyam.” I’m not sure that covers the bases with respect to needed apologies, but here it is:

To the Talib’s down at Morey’s
To Osama’s cave of skulls
To the dear old fatwa scribes we love so well
Bring the dirty bombs assembled
All the nerve gas you can buy
How the magic of their ticking casts a spell
We’re poor Talibans who have lost our way
Baa Baa Baah!

Our little black Sheikh has come to play
Boo Laa Laah!
He’s totally psyched to blow Yale away
In’ Shaa Laah!
We’re Musselman bombers off on a spree
We’ll wage jihad til eternity
Or Yale Law admits Moussaoui
Lord have mercy on such as ye
Boo Laa Laa

When in Osama and Eli’s name
We atomize the Harvard Game
Dick Levin will say
Larry Summers’s to blame
In’ Shaa ‘Laah!

Even if our pal Hashemi
Isn’t quite ready for Bones or Key
Our rewards will be heavenly
Six dozen veiled Smithies are waiting, you see
Ooo laa laaah!
We’ll all pile in to a Ryder Van
And vaporize Vassar en route to Iran
Rah! Rah! Rah!

And if our bomb like the crack of doom
Blows us clear to the Jersey dunes
Just tell Princeton we’re coming soon
Siss Boom Bah!
Until the bicker for Ivy looms
We’ll stash our Djinn in Rummy’s old rooms
But if Justice Alito alights to re-une
Then Siss Bah Boom!

I wonder if the prospect of moonbat professor Juan Cole being recruited to Yale might not warrant another verse. Consider yesterday’s New York Sun column by my daughter and Mitch Webber as well as the Yale Daily News column by Michael Rubin.


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