“Civilians and the infrastructure”

The Jerusalem Post’s report on the IDF operation in Lebanon seems more useful than its MSM counterparts:

Hizbullah warned Israel Thursday afternoon that if the IDF attacked southern Beirut, where the organization’s leadership is based, they would target Haifa.

“The Islamic resistance warns against targeting civilians and the infrastructure,” a statement read on Hezbollah TV said. “It (resistance) specifically announces that it will quickly shell the city of Haifa and nearby areas if the southern suburbs and the city of Beirut are subjected to any direct Israeli aggression,” the statement said.

In the style that Yasser Arafat pioneered, Hezbollah employs the civilians as cover for the terrorist infrastructure. The Post report continues:

The army, the senior IDF source said, took into consideration the possibility that Hizbullah would fire long-range rockets at Israeli cities like Haifa and Hadera, but warned that if such attacks occurred, Israel would strike back hard, dealing a heavy blow to Lebanese government targets. He added that the Lebanese government was responsible for Wednesday’s kidnapping attack on the northern border.

“The bottom line is that the Lebanese government is the address, and it needs to take responsibility for what Hizbullah is doing in southern Lebanon,” he emphasized.

Since Wednesday, 40 targets have been hit inside Lebanon, including a home in the south that served as a Katyusha launch site. According to the IDF source, at least 30 Hizbullah operatives were killed and over 100 wounded. The attacks took place some 15 kilometers inside Lebanon.

The source said that the IDF’s goal “was not to chase after every Katyusha rocket in Hizbullah hands but to hit the terror group hard and to impair its ability to continue to attack Israel.”

“We are going to operate differently than we have in the past,” he said. “We have a better ability to hit them than they have to hit us.”

We shall see.


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