The name of the Rose

An interview with Ken Mehlman during election season is not to be missed, even when it’s conducted by the insufferable Charlie Rose. Last night, Rose tried to score against Mehlman with questions like (in essence) are you content to have this election be decided based on Bush taking us into and then mismanaging a war we’re losing in search of WMD that weren’t there. When Mehlman had no difficulty with these brush back pitches, Rose went to his “heater” — a clip of Barack Obama (no less) claiming nonsensically that Mehlman’s strategy has been to win elections by “50 percent plus one,” whereas the Democrats plan to build a broad and inclusive working majority.
When the clip was over, Rose turned to Mehlman like a proud papa and asked, “What did you think of THAT.” Mehlman noted that it had not been his intention to win with 51 percent of the vote, adding that, though it worked out that way in 2004, the party made huge inroads with Hispanic voters and decent inroads with African-Americans in large cities. Rose quickly changed the subject to the economy (if I recall correctly) which he thinks is doing badly.
Every conservative has his or her pet thing the Republican Congress has failed to do. Mine is ending all federal funding for the left-wing public broadcasting apparatus that Charlie Rose exemplifies.


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