Bill’s experience, Hill’s experience

Last week former Carter-era Ambassador to the United Nations Andrew Young spoke in Atlanta and was asked about Barack Obama. He expressed support for Hillary Clinton, stating that Barack Obama was too young this year. “I want Barack to be president,” he said with a dramatic pause, “in 2016.” He also referred to Obama’s lack of a “support network.” Mixing race, religion, and victimology, he asserted: “To put a brother in there by himself is to set him up for crucifixion,” he said.
Continuing with the racial theme, Young adopted the trope holding that Bill Clinton is black that was popularized by Toni Morrison. “Bill is every bit as black as Barack,” he said. “He has probably gone out with more black women than Barack.” This is the part of Young’s remarks that was picked up by Drudge, but Young cited additional evidence for Clinton’s blackness. Once upon a time, at Nelson Mandela’s inauguration, Clinton suggested a “soul train” dance and moonwalked while Hillary hiked her skirt above her knees and joined the fun.
The most noteworthy part of Young’s remarks followed his tribute to Bill’s blackness. He cited Hillary Clinton’s establishment of a “defense committtee” — “that’s what they called it,” he says — to “neutralize all the women that he’d ever been involved with” and “to protect him from the attacks.” (It had a broader charter, but it did include dealing with “bimbo eruptions.”) I don’t follow Young’s citation of Hillary Clinton’s establishment of the 1992 Clinton “defense committee” (actually called the “Defense Team”) as a qualification for the presidency. It strikes me that it could just as well represent the highest and best use of her talents.
Via Hot Air, Redding News Review, and Rightwingsparkle. Byron York summarizes recent research on the 1992 Clinton Defense Team here. Hillary Matters also collects a useful set of quotes regarding the 1992 Clinton Defense Team here.


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