Vets for Freedom call out Jack Murtha

As we have reported, the loathsome Rep. John Murtha is facing a serious challenge in his bid for re-election this year. Now, Vets for Freedom has sent Murtha an open letter imploring him to apologize for having accused a group of United States Marines of killing “innocent civilians in cold blood”. Murtha made this accusation in 2005, during an ongoing investigation into the actions in question. Later, charges were dropped against seven of the eight individuals Murtha inexcusably pre-judged. The eighth is awaiting his day in court.

The letter to Murtha states, in part:

Marines implicated in the incident believe that you have committed slander and libel against them. These United States Marines, whose honor you have attacked, deserve to hear an apology from you.

I have signed the letter. You can add your name by going here or by using this widget:

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