Do the Dems have 60?

I asked our GOP Senate source whether, with the Democrats’ purchase of the vote of Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson, Obamacare is now a done deal. He writes:

Well, the Democrats have been going around declaring they have 60, but I still have yet to see any new statement from Jim Webb. NRO had a good article on how he’s been very quiet about the whole situation.
When Nelson made his speech this morning, he said he reserved the right to vote against cloture on a conference report that had major changes. Now it’s possible Pelosi could try to just jam it through the House, but House liberals seem to want a conference committee and Nancy Ann DeParle told lefty bloggers on a conference call this week she thought one was likely.
The other issue is the abortion language. There’s a choice between the Stupak language and this Nelson deal, and I’m told they can’t really be reconciled. Either way, someone’s not going to like it.
And of course, the vote’s not until 1 a.m. Monday, so there’s still time for more public pressure. Senate Republicans put out a video this morning asking for Americans to help stop this bill.

I take it that we’re hanging by a thread.


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