But Enough About Me. What Do You Think About Me?

A rather self-obsessed woman I once knew used to say that, but she meant it as a joke. in this, as in a number of other respects, Barack Obama is beyond parody. No matter the subject, in the end it’s always about him. Obama has turned self-reference into a veritable literary genre, but this is ridiculous. A supporter dies of breast cancer, and the punch line is…well, you’ll see:

Note the crowd’s uneasy reaction. They’re Obama fans, but this is too weird even for them.
SCOTT adds: Almost as routine and almost as interesting are Obama’s misrepresentations regarding the health insurance angle to the story.
Via Instapundit.
MORE: A reader adds: “This has really become a farce. Can you imagine even a rock star saying something along those lines…’And she was buried in one of our concert tees…’ I would only expect to see that in some scene from This Is Spinal Tap.”