An update from Ark-3

Flying way under the radar screen this primary season is the run-off contest in the Third Congressional District of Arkansas, which pits Steve Womack against Cecile Bledsoe. In reporting on this race, I argued here that Womack is something of a RINO. Bill Kristol concurs with this assessment. Bledsoe, by contrast, is solidly conservative. She is also a strong supporter of Israel.
Womack significantly outpolled Bledsoe in the initial voting, but received only 31 percent of the vote. In my initial post, I suggested that Bledsoe had a decent shot at winning the race.
Now with only a few days to go, Bledsoe’s internal polls show her ahead, but not comfortably. In addition, thanks in part to the generosity of Power Line readers, Bledsoe has raised about 90 percent of the funds she thought she needed to get her message out.
Readers who wish to help put this worthy conservative over the hump, and prevent a reliable Republican seat from falling into less than reliably conservatives hands, are encouraged to contribute to her campaign here.


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