Judicial sadism

President Obama has nominated federal district judge Robert Chatigny to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Paul wrote about Obama’s nomination of Chatigny here and here.
Judge Chatigny is perhaps best known as the guy who invented the concept of “sexual sadism” as a factor mitigating the murders committed by serial killer Michael Ross, “the Roadside Strangler.” Judge Chatigny went so far as to state that, given his sexual sadism, Ross “never should have been convicted, or if convicted, he never should have been sentenced to death.” Despte Judge Chatigny’s best efforts, Ross was ultimately executed by Connecticut authorities in 2005.

Yesterday’s Hannity Show on Fox News featured an excellent report on Judge Chatigny focused on his role in the Ross case (above). Senators Sessions and Coburn distinguished themselves in the hearing on Judge Chatigny held by the Senate Judiciary Committee this past March. Judge Chatigny’s nomination to the Second Circuit should not receive the Senate’s consent. This story deserves the wider notice that Hannity’s attention gives it.


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