A message to ABC et al.

Reader Greg Farrell has written ABC in connection with Huma Khan’s report on the NAACP resolution condemning the Tea Party movement; Greg has sent us a copy of the message. Here it is:

My name is Greg Farrell. I was at the Tea Party gathering on March 20 and I was also outside the Cannon Building when the black congressmen who claim to have heard racial epithets walked down the stairs and out of the building and across the street to the Capitol. I was also there when they returned and went back inside of the Capitol Building.
I like hundreds of others who were at this location did not hear or see any racial behavior from anybody gathered around these Congressmen. My testimony has been published on Power Line, Red State and American Thinker. And to this day, despite financial rewards up to $100,000 from Andrew Breitbart, nobody has ever produced any evidence to validate the claims of racial epithets being screamed.
I’ve also had exchanges with the Washington Post ombudsman Andy Alexander and McClatchy News investigative editor Jim Asher who after all was responsible for spreading this lie like wildfire for the other media outlets to latch onto and to irresponsibly repeat without any hesitation.
I was wondering if you guys at ABC News, especially Huma Khan, would like to ask me my version of the events that day on March 20th. I can prove my location via digital photos I took that day. After all, Khan did take the time to listen to NAACP President Ben Jealous’s version of events yet he wasnt even there. Or would that somehow wrinkle the precedent the Mainstream media and leftwing America work so hard to portray the Tea Party as unhinged racists.
Well, you know my name and email address if you choose to go against the grain and you are more than welcome to check out the Power Line series regarding this matter. Here is the latest link which consists of links to many others as this story unfolded. Or you can just as easily contact me at [email address omitted].

Greg is shooting at a moving target. The Associated Press has filed a story on the NAACP resolution that is even worse than ABC’s. It includes the canard previously circulated by the AP’s Jesse Washington last April to the effect that “A white lawmaker said he also heard the epithets[.]”
The “white lawmaker” in issue is North Carolina Rep. Heath Shuler. When James Taranto contacted Shuler’s office to follow up on Washington’s story, Shuler’s spokesman told Taranto that Shuler was not walking with Cleaver and did not hear the “n-word.” Perhaps word hasn’t reached the AP.