Another Left-Wing Hoax: Is There A Point?

One of today’s fronts in the Left’s war on Charles and David Koch, not to mention Governor Scott Walker and the conservative movement generally, was a hoax call that a liberal blogger made to Governor Walker. The hoaxer introduced himself as David Koch, and, after holding for a considerable time, was put through to the governor. This was not great staff work, obviously. Liberals are crowing about this successful hoax–fine. But is there any point? Did Walker say anything embarrassing?
No. The recording is actually rather endearing. Walker comes across as a consummate wonk. The hoaxer makes only a couple of off-the-wall comments, and Walker makes none. On the contrary, Walker’s reasonableness generally causes the hoaxer to be far more rational than, one suspects, is his norm. Beyond that, as Ann Althouse and others have pointed out, it is apparent from the recording that Governor Walker is not personally acquainted with David Koch, although he obviously is aware of him as a political supporter.
Here is the recorded conversation, in two ten minute segments. There is nothing in it that reflects badly on Governor Walker. It is remarkable, really, that the Left was able to eavesdrop on Walker for 20 minutes, and they only caught him being the same principled, ethical leader that we see in public.


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