Who’s Enraged?

What is it with liberals and self-knowledge? That is, the fact that they don’t seem to have any? The latest case in point is Newsweek’s cover hit-job on Michele Bachmann, titled “The Queen of Rage.” This is a screen shot of the cover:

If you are acquainted with Michele, you know that “rage” is about the last word that should be associated with her. She is a happy, energetic, positive person. She lights up a room when she enters it, which you don’t accomplish by being enraged. And if she is the queen of rage, why is she pretty much always smiling?

Bachmann is unhappy with the lousy policies of the Obama administration and Washington Democrats, of course, as are many millions of Americans. But since when does disagreeing with an administration’s policies mean that one is consumed by “rage”? Barack Obama was at least as critical of the George W. Bush administration as Bachmann has been of the Obama administration. Did Newsweek (or anyone else) ever label Obama the king of rage? Of course not. He was the candidate of hope. It all depends, you see, on whose ox is being gored.

There is, actually, one genuine association between Michele Bachmann and rage: she stimulates, for reasons best left to mental health professionals, rage among liberals. But I don’t suppose that is what Newsweek has in mind. Maybe if the magazine had a little more insight into itself and its fellow liberals, it would be worth more than a dollar.