Energy For America

A new web site called Energy For America has been launched. It is a joint project of Americans for Prosperity, Institute for Energy Research and the American Energy Alliance. The site’s purpose is to educate Americans about our plentiful energy resources and help to mobilize popular support for energy development. It looks to me like it is off to a good start. Among other things, you can sign a petition that reads as follows:

The United States has the largest energy reserves on Earth. Our supplies of natural gas, oil, coal, hydropower, wind, etc. can supply this Nation with all the energy we need for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, for years a handful of Administration officials, Congressmen, and unelected bureaucrats in Washington, DC have prevented us from having access to our own energy resources, mostly because they want to make energy scarce and therefore expensive. Now, some of that same clique wants to make sure that energy consumers are punished by increasing the cost of the most affordable and reliable energy sources we have.

If citizens are allowed to explore for and produce the energy resources that they own, and if consumers are allowed to select the most affordable and reliable energy sources, we can grow the economy, immediately create opportunities and jobs, harvest more affordable and reliable energy, help heal communities that are suffering, and provide local, State, and even the federal governments with stable, growing sources of revenues.

Join AEA in this fight. Sign our petition below to President Obama and Congress. Tell Washington it’s time to get America working again; it’s time to allow us to explore for and produce our abundant, domestic energy resources.

This graphic shows how America’s utilization of its oil drilling rigs lags behind the rest of the world, running currently at just over 50%, and declining. Click to enlarge:

Energy For America looks like a valuable contribution to the movement to liberate America’s energy resources.