It’s Not About the Money

Not when it comes to education, anyway. The Democrats are pushing for more spending and more debt, emphasizing the supposed need to spend more on teachers and schools. In fact, however, this country has carried out a laboratory experiment over the past four decades, and we have conclusively proved that more spending on education has nothing to do with successfully educating our children.

This report from the Senate Budget Committee will give you chapter and verse, but all you really need to do is look at these two charts. This one shows the exploding spending on education from 1971 to the present, per pupil and in constant dollars. Spending, as you can see, has doubled. What has happened to reading scores? Nothing. There is no correlation whatsoever:

This one is the same thing, except that it plots our booming spending on education against math scores:

If spending were the key to educational success, our children would all be geniuses. Keep these charts handy for the next time one of your liberal friends tells you that you need to pay more taxes to support our bloated public school bureaucracy, and it’s all “for the children.”