Our Public Schools: Worse Than You Can Imagine

Featured image America’s public education system is so bad that it is an existential threat to the survival of the republic. I have known this for a long time, but I continue to be shocked by the depths to which the teachers’ unions and the Democratic Party have dragged millions of our country’s children. This story comes from Baltimore, an increasingly godforsaken urban landscape–but one which, to be fair, has enjoyed economic »

Three blind mice

Featured image Suppose six former Secretaries of State wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed discussing the urgent need to recognize and establish diplomatic relations with Communist China. Their op-ed might make you think the former secretaries were asleep at the switch during their time at Foggy Bottom. Unfortunately, six former Secretaries of Education have signed the rough equivalent of such an op-ed for the Journal. The six are: Lamar Alexander, Arne Duncan, »

Time to Fire the Public Schools [with comment by Paul][Updated]

Featured image If there is a silver lining to covid, it is the exposure of the corrupt underbelly of public education. Our children’s lives have been devastated at the behest of the all-powerful teachers’ unions, and many parents are fed up. Are bureaucrats and school boards listening? Generally not. For the most part, they are in the pockets of the unions. A case in point: Oakley Union Elementary School District, in northern »

Kamala Harris’ pathetic dodge on school reopenings

Featured image There were two problems with trotting out Kamala Harris to defend the Biden administration’s record on school “reopening.” First, Biden’s record is indefensible. Second, Harris isn’t very intelligent. Katie Pavlich has a good summary of Biden’s record. First, Biden promised. . .to open [the majority of] schools “within 100 days” of taking office. Once in office, the White House changed the narrative to re-opening schools “safely” if the $1.9 trillion »

How to save civics from the left

Featured image We’ve written several posts about “action civics,” the attempt to smuggle leftist activism into civic education. The left has already succeeded in writing politicized “civics” requirements into state law in Illinois and Massachusetts. Now, as Stanley Kurtz reports, it is poised, with help from the Biden administration, to press “action civics” onto every state in the union. The left’s goal is to utilize schools to increase and perpetuate its partisan »

It Isn’t Only Math

Featured image I wrote here about the “Math is racist” movement in the public schools. Because trying to get the right answer to a math problem is “white.” In other words, America’s education establishment is officially pro-ignorance. But of course, it doesn’t stop with math and physics. Literature is an even easier target for the know-nothing Left. Thus, Woke teachers want Shakespeare cut from curriculum: ‘This is about White supremacy.’ Naturally. Isn’t »

Why Math Is Racist

Featured image This is actually a claim that is being made often these days: the sciences in general, and math in particular, are racist. The latest comes from Oregon: The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) recently encouraged teachers to register for training that encourages “ethnomathematics” and argues, among other things, that White supremacy manifests itself in the focus on finding the right answer. An ODE newsletter sent last week advertises a Feb. »

The Left-Wing Plot to Misinform Our Children

Featured image I wrote here and here about the promulgation of new Social Studies standards for K-12 public education in Minnesota. Under the direction of far-left Governor Tim Walz, a committee representing various left-wing pressure groups is trying to completely revamp what we teach our children about, among other things, world and U.S. history. My organization has taken the lead in opposing this effort, and you can read the basics here. Today, »

Time to Close Public Schools Forever?

Featured image Roger Scruton liked to say the the core of the contemporary left is a “culture of repudiation,” in which the inheritances of our civilization must be denied and rubbished precisely because it is our civilization, rather than the imaginary one of the left’s making. Harry Jaffa’s explanation of this went as follows: My understanding of Marxist Communism is that—whatever its own understanding of itself—its necessary result is the extinction of »

What We Are Doing to Our Young People Is a Crime

Featured image As I have written before, it is too bad that some people in their 70s, 80s and 90s are dying prematurely from the Wuhan virus. But the manner in which we are devastating the lives of our young people, ostensibly in response to that illness, is a crime. Across America, schools have shut down, largely at the instigation of far-left but deeply entrenched teachers’ unions. “Remote learning” has been a »

They Don’t Care What You Think

Featured image Here in Minnesota, the far-left administration of Governor Tim Walz is revising the standards for K-12 education in Social Studies, which includes history. His Department of Education has appointed a committee composed almost entirely of leftists, as reflected in the first draft of the revised standards that came out a few weeks ago. Among other things, the new proposed standards dropped all references to the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, »

CRT Is Sacrosanct and May Not Be Questioned

Featured image Critical Race Theory is a poisonous, racist, anti-American set of doctrines, but we are all supposed to pretend we don’t understand that. Criticism of CRT is forbidden, or will be if the Left gets its way. Take the case of Georgia, where a state representative has questions about the institutions that his constituents support with their taxes: A Georgia lawmaker is trying to find out whether any of the state’s »

How the left uses civics classes to promote “progressive” ideas and activism

Featured image In the post immediately below this one, John describes how, in Minnesota, the left is substituting indoctrination for learning. His focus is on plans to teach a virulently anti-American version of our nation’s history — one that, in John’s words, “drops almost everything normally regarded as history–the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Holocaust, and any reference to minor figures like George Washington–in favor »

How the Left Is Destroying Public Education

Featured image Across the country, leftists in charge of public education are substituting indoctrination for learning. Facts and objective standards are out, liberal shibboleths are the order of the day. My state, Minnesota, exemplifies the trend. Under state law, the Department of Education promulgates standards and benchmarks for K-12 schools in a variety of disciplines. These standards are periodically revised, and this year the Social Studies standards are being rewritten. Under Minnesota’s »

They Don’t Embarrass Easy

Featured image The sinister role that teachers’ unions play in our society has come clearly into focus, as our children’s lives have been devastated by needless school closures across the country. These closures–still in effect in most places, despite all scientific evidence that they are both unnecessary and harmful–largely reflect the power of the teachers’ unions. They evidently want to get paid, without ever entering a classroom again. This video was produced »

We Are All White Supremacists Now

Featured image Under Minnesota law, the state’s Department of Education promulgates standards for K-12 public schools in a number of categories. The benchmarks for each category are revised by committee every ten years. This year, the Social Studies standard is being revised. The committee undertaking the revision, as you would expect in the Tim Walz administration, is hard left. The first draft of the new standards was published for public comment a »

The Public Schools Weigh In

Featured image America’s public schools are owned lock, stock and barrel by the Democratic Party, so it is no surprise that they are now echoing their party’s line on last week’s events. I have seen several partisan emails from school districts; this one comes from my own district: The district’s assertion that the pro-Trump rally had something to do with “white supremacy” is ridiculous but is, of course, the Democrats’ line. The »