How Radical Are the Teachers’ Unions?

Featured image Until the U.S. Supreme Court decided the Janus case in 2018, citizens of a number of states, including Minnesota, were essentially taxed to support local teachers’ unions. In those states, no one could legally teach in a public school without paying the union out of his or her salary–which, of course, came entirely from taxpayers. That this situation was allowed to persist for decades should have been a scandal. Teachers’ »

Voters reject woke education in Rapid City, South Dakota

Featured image Rapid City, South Dakota held elections for its school board this week. The result? Two incumbents, including the school board president, went down to defeat. Insurgent candidates won all four contested seats. I understand that an organization called South Dakota Parents Involved in Education (SDPIE) played a major role in this election. I understand the issues it raised included opposition to the teaching of critical race theory and disrespect for »

Battling the Left on the Ground

Featured image The Left controls almost all of America’s public schools, as well as its allegedly elite private schools. Leftists are moving rapidly to refashion education to inculcate our children in a bizarre revisionist history that is intended to cause them to hate their own country. This effort proceeds mostly under the banner of Critical Race Theory. It represents, I think, an existential threat to our country’s future. Critical Race Theory is »

Georgia Board of Ed bans CRT and protest civics

Featured image Last week, the Georgia Board of Education adopted a resolution that would (1) bar the practice of protest civics (extracurricular political protest and lobbying as required schoolwork) and (2) prevent Georgia schools from instilling in students the key tenets of critical race theory. The week before, the Texas legislature passed a bill barring both protest civics and critical race theory. A similar bill was introduced in Ohio by state representative »

How Low Can Yale Sink?

Featured image It is no wonder that Yale doesn’t want to risk having any independent members on its Board of Trustees. There are still quite a few sane alumni, and if they got to vote for a candidate of their choice, you never know what might happen. This observation is prompted by the fact that on April 6, Yale’s School of Medicine sponsored a talk by a psychiatrist–God help us!–named Aruna Khilanani, »

Fighting Back Against Critical Race Theory

Featured image Critical race theory (or, to put it more briefly, racism) is creeping into classrooms across America. My organization is fighting back in a number of ways, including a 17-stop tour of Minnesota, conducting public meetings in town after town to inform parents and others about Critical Race Theory and how to fight back against it. On some of the stops, Policy Fellow Catrin Wigfall will be joined by Kendall Qualls »

Black Lives Matter? Not to BLM [Updated]

Featured image Rashad Turner was one of the founders of the Black Lives Matter chapter in St. Paul, Minnesota. He left that organization when he realized that it did not, in fact, do anything to help black people. He has now become an advocate for school choice, which BLM opposes in lockstep with its establishment patrons. Turner made this powerful video for TakeCharge Minnesota, which was founded by my friend Kendall Qualls: »

Can a Republican Be a Teacher?

Featured image Only if he or she keeps quiet about it, apparently. From the notoriously crazy city of Minneapolis comes this story: A Minneapolis Public Schools teacher was placed on leave this week for allegedly wearing a “Trump mask” to school on the anniversary of George Floyd’s death. What on God’s green Earth does a Trump mask have to do with the anniversary of Floyd’s death? But that is how the Minneapolis »

Critical race theory comes to my backyard [With Comment by John]

Featured image Thomas Pyle Middle School is in my backyard. Not literally. Literally, it’s a five minute walk from my house. Both of my daughters attended Pyle. Neither liked it much. But who likes middle school? Whatever the school’s shortcomings, my daughters got through it largely unscathed and without being indoctrinated. There was a liberal slant to some of the instruction, but nothing shocking. Certainly, they were not taught that we aren’t »

Can a Republican Be a College President?

Featured image At a few schools, it is certainly possible. Hillsdale and Liberty. Also at some lesser-known colleges, no doubt. (No slight intended, it is probably a badge of honor these days.) And presumably at a smattering of Southern colleges and universities. But, can a Republican be a president of a major university or university system outside the South? Mark Kennedy’s experience at the University of Colorado suggests that it may not »

Gov. Noem’s pledge

Featured image South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has signed a candidate pledge to bar “action civics” (mandatory political protests for course credit) and critical race theory (attacks on “whiteness,” “Eurocentrism,” etc.) from South Dakota schools. The pledge is sponsored by “1776 Action,” a new group founded by Adam Waldeck, a former aide to former speaker Newt Gingrich and supported by Gingrich and Ben Carson. Stanley Kurtz sees the pledge and Noem’s decision »

The war on standards, Rhodes Scholarship edition

Featured image Rhodes Scholarships have been awarded based, in part, on race for at least 50 years. A friend from high school, and one of the smartest people I’ve ever known, was up for the prize in 1971. In the late stage of the process, he was in a room with other candidates from his region. When a tall African-American, an athlete whom I also knew, entered, a buzz went through the »

A Mother’s Day Wish

Featured image This ad advocating school choice appeared in today’s Star Tribune. It is hard-hitting and entirely accurate: The ad was placed by TakeCharge Minnesota, which is run by my friend Kendall Qualls. The ad cites the fact that black children in Mississippi do better in school, based on standardized tests, than black children in Minnesota. This is correct, and one could add that Mississippi’s scores are getting better, while Minnesota’s are »

Sen. Cornyn’s unpersuasive defense of his badly flawed “civics” legislation,

Featured image I find it sad that Sen. John Cornyn, whom I’ve always liked, is sponsoring the Civics Secures Democracy Act. As we have explained, per Stanley Kurtz, this legislation, coupled with the new Biden rule favoring education grants that push Critical Race Theory, is a disaster for America. It will result in the large scale indoctrination of America’s students in the teachings of BLM and others who despise America and its »

Is Wokery Starting to Wane?

Featured image More and more the woke pandemic afflicting our elites and causing them to mask their racism is reminding me of forced busing back in the late 1960s and early 1970s—a project to which liberals (and compliant federal judges) were fiercely dedicated (even as rich liberals sent their own kids to private schools), and which was hugely unpopular. Then, as now, many Republicans spoke in subdued tones about their opposition to »

Glad They Cleared That Up

Featured image The Rochester, Minnesota, school board has declared “Black Lives Matter” to be “government speech.” I always suspected something of the sort, but it is nice to see it made official: The Rochester Public Schools board voted unanimously Tuesday evening to make several phrases and images, including “Black Lives Matter,” government speech, meaning the school can’t be held liable for allowing those views while not allowing opposing views. Got that? Dissent »

Biden says Americans aren’t racist. Does he believe it?

Featured image Tim Scott’s powerful response to Joe Biden’s address to Congress has forced both Biden and Kamala Harris to reject a core belief of the BLM movement and the American left. Both the president and the vice president have now stated that the American people are not racist. Biden said this: No, I don’t think the American people are racist, but I think after 400 years, African-Americans have been left in »