Thanksgiving Recap

I wrote nothing yesterday, a rare non-event. I actually started a couple of posts, but abandoned them as not worth the trouble–a standard that one hopes will not become permanent. We hosted some relatives for Thanksgiving, and my wife, who is a superb cook, produced her best-ever Thanksgiving dinner. Everything was marvelous, but the highlight was the turkey–a 22-pound Amish Heritage bird, which was sensational.

As usual, she followed Martha Stewart’s roasting method, which requires cheesecloth, which, however, she forgot to buy. So I was dispatched to a nearby Wal-Mart where I finally found some in the paint supply area. The turkey was great, significantly more flavorful than a standard bird. It reminded me, actually, of the half-wild turkeys that we had a couple of times in my youth, presents from a client of my father’s who owned a turkey farm. Occasionally a wild turkey (a much rarer bird in those days than today) would find his way into the turkey barn, and a half-wild turkey or two was the result. The one we ate yesterday had similar flavor; the down side, of course, is that it was significantly more expensive than the usual turkey.

The other innovation in this year’s feast was dessert; Loree made a pumpkin mousse cheesecake dessert–cheesecake on the bottom, pumpkin above, whipped cream on top–that was fantastic, even better than her usual pumpkin pie.

Along with potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, green beans and cranberry relish, it was enough to put me into a coma that lasted through the evening. Political commentary will resume when I fully regain consciousness.


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