Rock of Ages, and Age of Rockers

Or maybe this post should be titled, “From Rock to Rockers.”  Rock and roll may never die, but rockers clearly can’t escape the mortal coil.  The local NBC affiliate website is running one of those cruel before-and-after collections of famous rockers.  Makes you realize the baby boom will end not with a bang but a whimper.

A Rolling Stone may gather no moss. Wrinkles though. . .

The poster child for the "Just Say No" campaign?

From Neil Young to Neil Old?

I recall Jay Leno joking about one of the forlorn Woodsrock reunions that “they flew in three helicopters of food.  And that was just for David Crosby!”  And you can see why.  (Though this a slimmer David Crosby than 15 years ago.)


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