Hollywood–Go Frack Yourself

Do you remember The China Syndrome?  The anti-nuclear power movie, starring Jane Fondue and Jack Lemming, that fortuitously came out within a few days of the Three Mile Island non-incident in Pennsylvania in 1979?  (Don’t even get me started on Three Mile Island. . .)  Well, looks like Hollywood now wants to do the same thing with natural gas and hydraulic fracturing, AKA, “fracking.”

Courtesy of our pals Ann McIhinney and Philem McAleer, the feisty Irish filmmakers behind Not Evil, Just Wrong, one of the better takedowns of Al Gore, though to be sure, that’s like shooting fish in a barrel (yes, a very large, slow fat fish, in a very wide barrel) comes news that the usual Hollywood nitwits, led by Maaaaatt  Daaaaymon (assuming you all saw Team America, and if you didn’t, run, don’t walk. . .), are planning to make an anti-fracking movie called Promised Land, to be directed by Gus Van Sant and co-starring John Krasinski, who plays Jim in NBC’s The Office.  Where’s Michael Moore in this?  Oh yeah, I suppose the idea of “Michael Moore” and “natural gas” would be. . . never mind.  (I had a brief excerpt from Ann McIhinney’s speech to  CPAC in a Power Line video here a few weeks ago.  Check it out: she rocks.)

Now, here’s the important part. Unlike the days of old, you can help fight back.  Ann and Philem are working on a counter-film to the green goos, called Frack Nation.  Check out the video at the site.  And you can sign up to invest in the film, and get a credit as an executive producer on the film.  Click the Frack Nation” link and send them a few bucks.  I did.  And it looks like they’re going to make their goal of crowd-funding the film this week.  Meanwhile, feast on this billboard in Pennsylvania sponsored by Ann and Phil:


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