I am en route home after a couple of days of board meetings at Dartmouth. Hanover was beautiful as always, but unseasonably cold. When I was on campus last fall, I noted a small “occupy” presence in the form of a tent next to Hanover’s main intersection. This visit, I was pleased to see that the local occupiers had closed up shop for good, leaving behind this permanently unoccupied tent:

Remember the predictions that when the weather warmed up in the spring, the Occupiers would be back out in force? Not so much, as it turned out. An unoccupied occupy tent strikes me as a fitting epitaph for a movement (or pseudo-movement) that died out right around the time it became clear that it was an embarrassment to the Democratic Party.

Some things, happily, never change: while there were no occupiers in evidence, hundreds of students and others gathered on the Green to watch a lumberjack skills competition sponsored by the Dartmouth Outing Club and Stihl power tools. When I passed by, a woodchopping contest was in progress. I thought it would be safest to keep walking:


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