Open Thread Friday at Power Line!

Ever since we launched the latest version of Power Line, we’ve been extremely pleased to see a bustling community of readers filling our pages with comments and debate. We also are aware of a certain degree of, ahem, trolling going on–but we’ve decided that the specter of our witty readers going to battle against trolls resembled something like Thermopylae, with the result that we’ve allowed you to go about your business destroying liberals unmolested.

If there’s one defect in the commenting community at Power Line, it’s this: you can only comment on what we happen to be posting about. So today we’ve decided to try an open thread. Click here to go to Power Line Live, which is a perma open thread, where you can chat–live, in real time–with Power Line readers about anything under the sun. It’s sort of like our pub. Check it out. Exit quietly.

JOHN wonders: Thermopylae? Really? Are you analogizing Caley Bovee to Xerxes? I don’t think the trolls are that numerous…

JOE is corrected that we happy few are not doing battle against, precisely speaking, an army of trolls within our forums. (Although there was an earlier epoch of Power Line in which that was more true.) But I will revise the analogy after a little convo in on our live page: the position of the freedom loving peoples of the world, who seem ever to be decreasing in number, is more tightly analogous to that of the Melians as they confronted the rapacious Athens in the Peloponnesian Wars.


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