His nose keeps getting longer, take 2

The folks at Harvard Law School Is Bogus are having difficulty exercising their rights to speak truth to power:

Just want to make sure you know of the situation explained on our latest post — about how the Harvard Law administration censored our posters and post attacking Eric Holder on Fast & Furious, timed to match his appearance on campus. Instapundit & Legal Insurrection have been very helpful in publicizing this, and we’re also thankful for your link to it shortly after we launched.

After you linked to it, we put up copies of our posts, and posters, on Holder, which tried to explain key facts of which we think most affiliated with Harvard are unaware. Here are they are: Holder posters and Think Bigger post.

Thank you,


The site’s most recent posts are also of interest. See “More on the 2008 Cass Sunstein speech that inspired our poster campaigns” and “Harvard Law School fails our test.” For background, see also “Harvard Law School’s bogus journey into blog blacklisting.”


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