Romney and religion

The Romney campaign is dealing with the potential political problem raised by his Mormon faith the same way he’s dealing with all other potential political problems this year — head-on. A friend and close associate from his church has described how hard Romney worked to help those in their parish.

Now an elderly couple is recounting what Mitt Romney did to help bring joy and comfort to their young son decades ago when the boy was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Next, a woman describes how Mitt Romney helped her family after it moved to Massachusetts. He did so in big ways and small. For example, he helped take care of her son at times after the family’s daughter was born with severe health problems and the family had to attend to them.

Not a dry eye in my living room.

I have recounted several stories of this nature on Power Line, but had not read about the two offered tonight. Apparently, there is a nearly endless supply.

As I asked the other day, does Obama have any such stories? Has he ever helped people in need, other than by pushing for controversial political action items?

Maybe the Democrats will give us some examples next week, but don’t hold your breath.

The Democrats would like to portray Mitt Romney as a privileged, entitled guy. But that’s not how he behaves.


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