Spring Fever, part 2

In “Spring Fever, part 1,” we posted Andrew McCarthy’s comments on current events related to his incredibly timely new Encounter Books ebook, Spring Fever: The Illusion of Islamic Democracy. Encounter Books publisher Roger Kimball writes that this is Encounter’s first ebook only book.  Roger also advises that the book files have been posted to the major vendors and should be live in a day or two, although the book is available for pre-order now: “We were going to wait until next week to roll this out but the tragic events in Libya and Egypt over the last day or so vividly corroborate Andy’s argument — that those who hoped that the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups in Egypt, Libya, and other Middle Eastern countries betokens not the burgeoning of beneficent democracy but rather a descent into theocratic tyranny — that we decided to broadcast news of the book now.”

Roger writes that the short video below (produced by my daughter Eliana Johnson for Encounter) “was made last week, but it might have been made last night on the streets of Benghazi or Cairo.” Please check out the video and consider ordering this important new book.


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