Green Weenie of the Week: David Letterman

People who have been around rural western and upstate New York recently tell me the region is chock-a-block with anti-fracking lawn signs and billboards–evidence that the greens are determined to block natural gas production in the Empire State.  We noted here last week (and also here) how desperate the Thermocrats who hate energy are to stop this boon for the American economy.  It will be interesting to see whether Gov. Andrew Cuomo holds the line when he is desperate for the revenue that expanded energy production will bring.

Meanwhile, the good folks at EnergyinDepth have produced the video below on David Letterman’s top ten mistakes in his recent on-air rant about fracking.  Letterman should have stopped with the phrase, “I’m not smart enough to understand it,” but being a celebritoid, he had to go on to prove himself correct in that judgment.

Obama ought to be asked about this issue tonight, and he should be forced to pledge that he supports expanded fracking to produce natural gas.  (Likewise he should be asked to explain whether he still wants the price of coal-produced to “necessarily skyrocket.”)


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