Israeli Jews favor Romney by a wide margin

From all indications, American Jews continue to favor President Obama over Mitt Romney by a substantial margin, albeit not as large as in 2008. We remain the most clueless portion of the electorate.

But in Israel things are different. A new poll from Tel Aviv University/Israel Democracy Institute shows that Israeli Jews favor Romney by 57-22.

Dennis Ross, who, remains the most clueless among the clueless, attributes the sentiment of Israeli Jews to “disinformation” and “a highly polarized environment in America.” I attribtute it to (1) the demands Obama made on Israel (and the stridency with which he made them) in furtherance of a “peace process” that most Israeli Jews understand to be a non-starter and (2) the fact that Israel’s security situation deteriorated in the past four years due to Iran’s strides towards developing nuclear weapons while Obama wasted time trying to improve U.S. relations with the government of Iran.

Obama is not without a block of support in Israel, though. Israeli Arabs favor him over Romney by 45-15.


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