Not the first time

Lena Dunham’s creepy Obama For America ad (“My First Time”) may not be the work of a lone genius. It demonstrates the kind of creativity Joe Biden brought to the stump speech he crafted for his short-lived 1988 presidential campaign.

Observers such as Joshua Keating have cited a campaign advertisement touting Obama’s close personal friend Vladimir Putin. From Russia with love? After his election, of course, Obama will have more flexibility.

Moving beyond Putin, several readers have written to cite P.J. O’Rourke’s essay “Return of the Death of Communism,” collected in Give War a Chance. Writing about the 1990 Ortega-Chamorro election in Nicaragua, O’Rourke describes a billboard aimed at city youth (the voting age is 16 in Nicaragua) showing a moonstruck couple in Ortega T-shirts walking hand-in-hand toward a voting booth beneath the headline: “When you do it for the first time, do it for love.”