Obama vs. Romney on the Economy

This video from the Center for Freedom and Prosperity does an excellent job of exposing the folly of Barack Obama’s punitive tax policies. Obama’s approach, which is grounded in “fairness” rather than economic logic, hurts the economy while actually magnifying existing injustices in the federal tax code:

Economist John Taylor, meanwhile, explains why Romney’s policies are exactly what the U.S. needs to get its economy moving again. Read it all; this is a summary of some of Taylor’s key conclusions:

The Romney plan moves away from the harmful policies—away from short-run stimulus packages, away from proposals to raise tax rates, away from the regulatory expansion and the spending binge, and away from the exploding federal debt. Ending the policies will help put the economy on a strong recovery path, like we saw in the 1980s and many other times in the past. But the Romney plan does more to raise growth, focusing on five strategic areas: energy, education, trade, debt reduction, and small business job creation.

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