Brief Adventures in Portlandia

If you’ve ever dropped in for an episode of the IFC channel’s cult hit mockumentary “Portlandia” and wondered if Portland, Oregon, is really that wacky-crunchy, the answer is an unqualified Yes it is.  Even the trees are green there.  You think I joke!  The public toilet handles are green—and that’s not a joke.  Let’s see, a place where it rains something like 200 days a year needs to save water?  (Good to know Portlanders have their numbers 1 & 2 sorted out so well.)

I made a quick overnight visit to Portland this week for a speech, and managed to take in the coffee house scene.  Yes, indeed, it seems Portland hipsters really do have their business meetings in coffee houses.

You can take in some samples of IFC’s Portlandia here, here, and here.  Me—I’m still awaiting season four of Archer to start up early in the new year.

More seriously, if you want to see a good analysis of the deep greenery of these deep blue cities like Portland, see Mark Hendrickson’s fine article up right now at